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Forty, fit and fabulous

Helena Philippou


Personal Training, Nutritionist intolerance practitioner, and Brunel Practitioner

Why following Fads & favourite celebrity diets is just plain stupid
Those that have been wise to follow me on my campaign against fads & celebrity following diets on Twitter, will have felt through my blunt vocabulary how I loaf the subject. Why you maybe asking? Its simple, it's just plain stupid. I mean how can a fad diet change someones shape then as soon as you have stopped fad dieting and starved your body of nutrients, you have noticed your foot hasn't evan crossed...
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Introduction: Why exercise is an investment in the long run: My story
So I have officially burst my cherry now having my blog my views whoop whoop! Now thats off my chest back to blogging on a subject that I have passion for, Health & Fitness. We have all heard the usual blah blah eat healthy exercise regular and still ignore the common sense.But why is it that when a fad diet is in trend or down to following your...
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