Mindset Coaching

HelenaPhil-Fitness Mindset Coaching

Mindset plays a huge role in how we behave and react to situations and everyday life. Just one trigger can bring down an individual progress and lose sight of ones progress. Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle can be daunting on an individual if no support is offered, that’s why we have added this service to ensure our clients stay on track for the long run.

Mindset is key

Helena, knows only too well of the importance of having a positive mindset can have on ones journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Once being obese herself, through positive mindset she mastered consistency and the rest was history, and now she has the pleasure in leading others.

What you get:

Once a week 30min call to ensure you are keeping on track. HelenaPhil-Fitness supports the following for contact:

  • UK Mobile & Landlines only
  • Zoom
  • Google meet
  • What’s App