Personal Training


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Personal Training is by all means not a fairy Godmother disguised in Lycra, any minute now will wave her magic wand and you will have the body you have always desired. Personal Training session with Helena however, will get you thinking of your lifestyle and the positive changes you as a client can change with my guidance.

My tough no nonsense attitude to training, caters for all and years of teaching and working in gyms, to outdoor training, home and office visits, to working abroad.

I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject, placing me at a high level to subscribing the best safe and efficient workouts to suit all levels to getting permanent results.

If you’re an elite athlete, prepping for a competition or wanting to shape up for your holidays right down to your big day, or just want to get fit and have no idea, I can assist you in reaching your goals.

I don’t offer Personal Training online, I like to be at a present with my clients from start to finish, offering my full support and keeping it, as it should be personal.

I am affiliated with many gyms in the north London area where I am mainly based.

I also cover other areas: for more info email: info @

Make the best investment today and let me guide you both physically & mentally to a better you.