The true meaning of a Celebrity Trainer

Ok we have all heard of Personal Trainers and are familiar with their profession. For those Personal Trainers, that have been lucky enough to train a celebrity and earn themselves a name from Personal Trainer to celebrity trainer lets all give you a clap and congratulate you on your achievement. However when and were through studying to becoming a Personal Trainer has it stated that your client should be loosing weight quickly that they drop a few dress sizes in 1-2months?
On a deeper scale have you ever noticed how celebrities,training with the so called celebrity trainer is done in a space of a few months and yes you guessed it they have gone from a size 18 to 8-10 dress size in ex amount of months, not forgetting advertising endorcements of crappy products promoting quick fix solutions in weight loss with no long term solution as a reward. The cringing part, That trainer has earned themselves a name now as the celebrity trainer and that celebrity earns the right to make a fitness DVD disillusioning naive people thinking that, that celebrity is a fitness guru,by buying their fitness DVD they will to achieve the same results really? bearing in mind they are not qualified, but are qualified to preach what they have been taught from the celebrity trainer, am I missing something here?
Note: not all personal Trainers/Celebrity trainers are guilty of this, with one or two celebrity trainers/personal Trainers actually doing their job right and really sculpting that celebrity/client in a space of time, not being a few months, I salute.

You can spot the disillusionment here on the celebrity part, oblivious to the harmful affects this can do to one. For instance loosing weight too quickly results in putting weight just as easily back on, not only that you slam your metabolism (the rate in which you burn your foods you consume) and look years older than you actually are, is this really worth the trouble to only go back to square one?
Just why do celebrities even go there in the first place? I mean is it part of getting attention from the papers perhaps? If thats the case lets talk in 10 years time again, oh wait cosmetic surgery will help you out in the ageing department, that’s on the outside, but your insides I am afraid there is no surgery there, so think about that one next time you go on a fad diet, or just simply loose to much weight to quickly?

Myself being a Personal Trainer may I quote (not a Celebrity Trainer), but someone with 20 years experience in the fitness industry that’s taken my time and invested in courses and the best bit experiencing for myself being on both ends,now being slim and athletic to obese (once weighing 15 stones) to slowly loosing weight and becoming 8st 5lbs, I am in a position were I can talk the talk.
I never lost my weight in ex amount of months, I done it in baby steps and have never looked back, now the best bit is I eat what I want, apart from when I am competing and have to follow a strict diet, when off season I indulged in the pleasures of chocolate or 2 and no I am not obese. I am human, simply if I eat crap a little weight comes on, but not as much weight as doing a quick fix solution would do to me.

My point is statistics state it all: Since the rise of quick fix solutions and major brands like, Weight-Watchers,Herbalife, Versalis/90 day challenge has hit world wide and countries like America and Britain being the 2 countries for roofing sells of all products mentioned, also hold the titles of being the fattiest country in the world and now Britain being the number 1 fattiest’s European country and both country also day by day figures of diabetes type 2 are rising by the minute is worrying to say the least.

The reason I am writing this blog and bluntly aimed at celebrities, who want to change their lifestyle for good and really earn themselves a genuine role model to younger girls and boys?
If you need educating and training in the way your body type should be trained for the best results and after real fitness and real results not for a short period but or the long run, then check my website out?: or [email protected]
I am sorry if this blog sounds harsh but I am passionate about what I do and want to promote the true benefits of healthy living not for a short term but for the long run.BMZlKpxCIAAT9bw.jpg-medium

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