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I remember back in 2014 when the NHS funded #WeightWatchers to battle the growing rate of obesity and diabetes type-2. It didn’t go down to well and the UK still top the number one spot for being the fattest European country. I can tell you this for sure, calorie counting doesn’t work. A lot of people don’t know this, but #WeightWatchers is owned by #Heinz. A company known for producing: ketchup, brown source, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. When you look at all their products label’s and see their ingredients a lot of sugar is placed in their sources, more so in their #WeightWatchers products, that they try to sell to you when you join.

Just a thought for you:

When you think of calorie counting to a novice, they could misinterpret it like this for example; 2,000 calories, it’s alright to eat crap as long as I don’t go over my recommended calorie intake. That sums it up what you would be doing under #WeightWatchers guidance eating utter crap.

I have already expressed my loaf of #Herbalife products. I have contacted them in the past, regarding their products and a photo that resurfaced on the internet below, and still to this date I have not received a response:

Same marketing tactics-wake up:

Straight to the point: #Herbalife and #juicePlus have both got similar marketing tactics. Both started out promoting their products, with times saw how lucrative the health & fitness industry was becoming. No surprise that they have both implemented its victims with its versions of fitness challenges: what a great way to suck you into buying their products. Through seeing other victims sucked into drinking shakes to supplements, losing weight very quickly, of course, they will want a slice of the pie, not realising the pie is not as humble in the future.

Vi-Fit is not any better, with its stupid 90-day challenge: drinking their meal replacement shakes, that are artificially filled with crap.The fact is, you can not get any better nutrients, vitamins, proteins to good carbs than fruit vegetables, to lean meats, basically real food: meal replacement and shakes don’t come close to it.

There’s the other question, after the 90-day challenge what next? I can answer you that question straight away: Yes you lose weight and quickly, but before you blink your eyelid you have placed the weight back on, often accumulating more weight than you started with.

Why not look at it like this; eat clean doe’s not mean you cannot indulge in a cake, chocolate to crisp, more so referring to the portion and how often. Instead, reward yourself one day a week and call it your cheat meal- that does not mean binge eating to make up for the 6-days you didn’t get your sugar fix: Then there’s the other factor, how active are you? if you’re slouching on the sofa constantly? if so get up off your butts and commit to at least 3-4 times of physical activity and avoid diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes type-2, the choice is yours?.

‘Take control of your health today, there is no date in starting!’

‘It will be the best investment you have ever taken, invest in health invest in you’

On my fitness page I posted a post on the (29.12.2016) shaming another company who I am constantly seeing others promoting, in particular, the product #JuicePlus- I wrote a short piece and also supplied evidence written from #Watchdog who had investigated their products and found it to be a bogus, with all the claims,  helps aids weight loss and helps you grow your hair and nails quicker: have a look by following this link:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/lDddPxC4xzXhmzXdX38yMN/health-wellbeing

#JuicePlus claims to replace your five-a-day vegetables and fruits. Firstly these pills can no way contain fresh fruit & vegetables. Just think if you had fresh fruit and vegetables, they would go mold within 4 weeks, regardless if you kept them in the refrigerator or not. I have seen posts with people asking the same questions and #juicePlus have answered that’s it is alright to consume their products even to a year after.

It’s obvious that added substances are added to keep them preserve.

Below is a  photo of #juicePlus stating its alright to use their products after a year, but recommend you taste it beforehand; really!

I also couldn’t help but notice the endless before pictures and after plastered all over social media, for this product. This is coming from a company who states (that they have never stated that their products aid weight loss, to hair and nail growth). If that’s the case why the hell are your distributors posting all over social media, these misleading statements, and #JuicePlus are doing nothing to stop it?

When I research some of the pictures that were posted, quite a lot of them were available from google images and have been photoshop, below is an example.

It’s bad enough promoting crap like this, but advertising pictures on social media of fancy designer wear, kitted out house, to luxurious holidays: btw, is again taken from google images to delude you with the image that this product is so wonderful, everyone buying it and the company is making so much money, therefore so can you.

The reality is, I know several distributors of #JuicePlus that are doing several jobs to make ends meet, so it can’t be all that glam?

‘Firstly no capsules can beat real fresh fruit & vegetables and that’s a fact’.

Wake up!

This message is given by people who are trying to make money from you, that don’t hold, any what so ever fitness or nutrition qualifications.

The only thing that qualifies them on this subject believing it’s the answer, it’s simply absolute shyte.

On the other hand, embarrassed to say:  individuals who are qualified holding certificates in fitness as well as nutrition that do promote #JuicePlus, #Herbalife #Bodyby-VI: You’re simply a disgrace to the industry!

I know I am going to annoy some people who distribute this shyte product, quiet frankly I don’t give a fuck! It’s my job to alert the public, I say go back to your normal jobs educate yourself before you carry on as experts deluding people. Obesity and diabetes type-2 is at a high in the UK and worldwide, products like this just contribute to it, so my strong advice do your research before you jump in.

But if you are interested in helping people lose weight and are genuine, I suggest you take up some courses and study until you really know what you’re doing, others please do us all a favor and do one!

Till the next blog, keep healthy


#Thecommonsensecoach x

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