It’s almost 2014 what I have been up to:

Due to hectic lifestyle I am living throughout 2013, it has been a crazy, but educating experience, did I mention the trials of tough workouts, teaching Personal Training and enduring severe pains from a pin left in one of my toes.
Just one year out from having my operation I achieved one of my goals and that was to compete in 2013 which I did at the London O2Indigo for the WBFF event.
My main goal was not to trip up in front of the crowds with the 6inch heels I had to wear and the other was to smash it on stage which I did, (what nerves)!!
The experience was phenomenal, I shared a hotel with my crazy and amazing friend Donna De Lissa, competing still at the age of 51 one word (Wooooooooooow), I got to meet amazing women with inspiring stories and how fitness has change their life.
I also networked which was my biggest goal and with a big smiley face I got the info I wanted.
Competing for The WBFF was an emotional ride, having to shut down my social life was the biggest challenge, not helping the fact that I am hyperactive so getting to bed early was not always an easy agenda.
But through doing this and keeping a good control right to the end, I mean no sugar intake, no fried foods or processed, I was feeling fully focussed had bags of energy and was ready to take anything physically and emotional that came in my path.
It just goes to show when keeping a regular regime with exercising and clean eating really is the antidote to the solution.
I never got placed but it felt good standing next to girls that I had 10 years+ on and was tighter and in better shape have to say that was priceless, bring on my 50’s 
I have to admit after the comp was over I had  a doughnut well a few.
I decided from there to test my theory and also be part of an experiment devised by a friend and myself.
The experiment was to see from eating clean and exercising regular to eating rubbish and lack of exercise.
You guessed it, in just the first week I was feeling low in energy wanting to sleep all the time, emotional mood swings, that was just the first week.
The second week, I wanted to punch the F”k out of someone, that was not a good feeling.
I have in the past mention that anti-depressants are just a tablet that sends signals to the brain and releases artificial endorphins when you are capable of taking charge yourself.
You can sit and do as many puzzle throughout the day to get the mind ticking, fact exercise accompanied with regular exercise and clean eating is an antidepressant that is untouchable in its self #fact.
I will be writing more regular blogs fingers crossed I can get some articles published in 2014, it has been a long time and a voice of common sense needs to be released.
New courses have been booked to keep you guys informed in the best realistic way.
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Lastly thank you to all the positive comments regarding my blog on the Flexi-Bar.
If I don’t blog before christmas and new year, wishing you all a healthy prosperous new year 2014

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