Firstly greetings, I have made a blog entry as promised more information regarding Flexi-Bar, it’s benefits  and what it does.

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you would of known that I have posted announcing that I am currently the only Instructor in the North London teaching Flexi-Bar, with a limited piece of equipment I teach at a gym in north london, though I have currently placed a order for 20 bars so excited to bring this marvellous functional training back to the public, (Keep tuned very soon I will be announcing venues I will be teaching, also bare in mind there are only 20 bars so book quick, promised to work you out).


Flexi-Bar (What it is)

It’s a long stick looking device, when carried in a black case they come individually, people might mistake you for the ninja king or for those warp minds a naughty stick for the dominatrix, either way it comes in three colours:

Red-Sports bar- (most commonly purchased suitable for beginners as well as intermediate),

Black-Bar- (used for athletes for a more intense vibration)

Green-Bar- (suited for children workouts).

Below is a picture of myself in the studio doing a Flexi-Bar workout:





What the Flex-Bar workout does:


A Flexi-Bar workout uses vibration to work the muscles, a process where the muscles are pushed out of the equilibrium, also known as the Tonic Stretch Reflex, (google for more information).

How it works:

Even though it’s a stick looking device you can also class it as a long pole, that you firmly hold in the centre of the bar with both hands, when shaken vibrates at the same frequency as your body.

The resulting rise when shaking the bar, creates a de-stabilization force, causing your core muscles and stabilizers to be activated to counter balance the force.

When used in different positions can cater, working the large muscle groups such as the: Shoulders, Biceps, Abdominals, Chest, Triceps, to the lower body like the Quadriceps and Calves.

Flexi-Bar is excellent combined with a well balanced diet for gaining results and the bonus of using the Flexi-Bar people that are wheelchair bound can use this device for improvements of the upper body.

Benefits of using a Flexi-Bar:

  • Activation of both voluntary and involuntary muscles: Voluntary muscles: muscles you can consciously control such as your; legs, arms and face. Involuntary Muscles: you cant consciously control, they control themselves without any recognition of them doing so, i.g: heart muscles, intestine muscles ect.
  • Improved Blood circulation in skin and muscles.
  • Improved Lymphatic drainage 
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Strengthening of bone tissue 
  • Increased basal metabolic rate (google for more information)
  • Rapid recovery of muscles, ligaments and tissue from injury
  • Improved coordination, flexibility and mobility 
  • Collagen Improvement (helps with wrinkles, skin ageing)
  • Rapid body fat reduction
  • Improved training quality and effectiveness 
  • Shortened training and recovery times
  • Automatic rebalancing of weak muscles

Flexi-bar workouts are not suitable for people with the following symptoms:

  • Acute rheumatic arthritis (inflammation stage)
  • Acute infection/swelling
  • Acute back pain
  • 3rd trimester of pregnancy 
  • After recent operation
  • Cardiovascular disorders

Surprisingly this device was designed together with sports scientist and physiotherapist, though I am shocked that it has not been a popular class in gyms, properly the cost of each Flexi-Bar, or bluntly due to the budget within fitness chains, catering for the dummies who believe cleverly marketed choreographed class designed to make them look good, (I mean they have had 3 months to learn the choreography), will reshape them, all I am saying is to me they still look the same (someone has to say it, I apologise if I have offended, I am living proof and have facts to say this amen).


Overal I give this device the thumbs up, cooperating it with my clients workouts when personal training, I have seen improvements as well as my clients reporting they feel a difference in muscular strength as well as a  better posture, and stronger core.


Note there will be a website with all dates venues and basically all the information you need on group fitness with flexi-bars circuits, as well as contact details if you need more information?

Never know it could be near you?

Remember I am currently the only instructor that is qualified to do this and currently teaching in the north london area.






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  1. Sound Fitness says:


    I really enjoyed reading your blog post, I’ve heard about the flexi bar before but I had no ideas about it’s benefits. I will definitely give this a go at some point. Does it come with a manual? Thanks, Leon

    unique Bootcamp workouts


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