How to stick to your new years resolution without the bullshit!

Happy New Year all I hope it’s been a positive start like mine?
Yet again with another blog that has taken me a while to write due to high demands in work after getting back on my feet after my op, I will try and blog more frequently.Today subject getting straight to the point on how to hold that new years resolution to adopting a healthier lifestyle:
For starter’s many start off with good intentions before you know it the demons creep in and your back to square one as well as triple the pounds on the scales, adding making you pretty much feel like shit.

So just why do so many give up to quickly before they even start?
So many of us are conditioned in thinking that if we don’t see results quick enough it’s automatically not working and chewing relentlessly on that carrot accompanied by celery was just a waste of time as you have been starving your body of nutrients, in the long run your be eating twice as much and that wont be celery and carrots.
I hear back to square one queuing in: It really can be avoided but this down to YOU.

Firstly if your not seeing results straight away this is not a bad sign everyone is different and of course body types vary, for example an ectomorph finds it hard to put weight on were else a endomorph finds it hard to loose weight as quick.
(I will blog on body types in the near future another one to add to the long lists of write ups)
Regardless of what body type you are, all are able to loose weight define and tone with of course the right prescribed exercises and sensible eating, (professional advice is recommended, check to find a qualified fitness professional to advice you if you can’t wait for my next write up?)

The first step you need to do is train your mind, what I mean by this is simple in terms of do you want another new years to come in and your still feeling the same setting out the same intentions knowing deep down another year of deja-vou is to follow?
Or simply is this going to be the year were you make that stand and continue with your goals in achieving the body you wanted, the decision is yours?
Then you need to ask yourself this, can you commit yourself to working out 3-4 times a week?
If the answer is yes, you are on to a good start.
I always say this and I will always stick by this keep a food diary and compare it in a month and see how much you have improved in terms of your eating habits, the surprising factor is that if you keep up working out 3-4 times a week mentally your conditioning yourself on a subconscious level to avoid eating crap, this is not no scientific theory this is fact coming from someone that has done this and till this date kept the weight off, adding I eat what I want when I want (yes I am talking about mwah).
Keep a photo of a favourite athlete to celebrity body you want and keep looking at it when your feeling like giving up.

The mind is a funny one but when controlled and listen to it can deliver wonderful results both
physically & mentally balancing out all the qualities and beyond if you give it a chance.

Overal are you a quitter or do you thrive on a challenge for the road of winning?
Exercise really is addictive if you give it a chance be persistent results are priceless I am living proof.

Fad diets don’t even bother thats the looser paradise route sensible eating regular exercise for a balanced you; Remember that’s a quick fix combined with quick failure.

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