Another virginal post; yes you guessed it has been a long time since I constantly continued my weekly blogs, though life has indeed taken its toll yes busy is taking over me.I thought I would blog about a subject, of course to do with Health & Fitness that I have been noticing for a while.
I have spoken about the known bullshit diets (fad-diets), marketing ventures at people own health risks embarking back to square one.

I have just like everyone used FaceBook and Twitter to get my message across and promote my services.
My latest was creating a like page on FaceBook the link is:
HelenaPhil-Fitness: Personal Training Diet & Fitness Expert, I noticed on my timeline that people likes were appearing, example were: like my page if you love sex, or like my page if you think I got big boobs, the list is endless with silly like, believe it or not they get liked (strange world we live in), what was the purpose of their message?? might explain it think not!

I then notice on my timeline another like from a friend on faceBook , this time was for Lighter Life, I clicked on the page and the amount of likes it had was unbelievable as well as the amount of negative comments it had, but people still liked it.
Why the hell would anyone like a page that does nothing but ruin a persons health.
I know a couple of people who went on this diet, yeah they lost the weight fast had saggy skin and one almost died from it, how could you like that I question.

No disrespect to the non novice when it comes to healthy eating but you people are a victim of cruel marketing manipulation when the simple answer to loosing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise accompanied by healthy eating really does work and I am living proof.

My message is getting out there slowly and unlike other fitness professionals that preach on healthy living and weight lost, that have never been over weight to them putting on 4 pounds to their tiny frames is considered fat; please have a reality check you have no idea mentally how it feels so please enough with your so called 4 weeks or 6 weeks bikini diets, they don’t work.

Keep tuned the wait is nearly over video footage coming soon on exercising in the comfort of your own home bought to you by me of course.
Have a blessed week people someone bounds to read this short but sweet blog amen :-))

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