More evidence of bullshit diets: Yes fads are pocketing on common sense and results! 

My Gosh I feel virginal right now after not writing a blog for sometime, I keep telling myself I have to write a blog soon, as you guessed it folks, I am back on my feet after nearly 7 months out of training teaching, the lot practically just had to take lead of the freedom I was in-trapped from.
Well as I say to my class when I returned The Bitch is back!

As I last mention on twitter that I will soon be posting exercises you can do from the comfort of your home (so no excuses it’s raining); bare with me folks have had a lot on training and teaching is simply addictive what more can I say! But trust me worth waiting for.

This wednesday gone I was invited by the lovely Thuto Mali who step in for Jacqui Grant on colourful radio  to listen to the show follow this link:,  look for the show on (26.9.2012).                
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The focussed was on a particular article that The Sun newspaper published, here is the link:

My view on the above link on the article I am discussing: 

To be honest when I read this article my jaw just dropped, I am sure yours will but not sure in the way mine did at the moment.
Fair play women men have both dieted in some part of their life’s wether it be the cambridge diet, slimmers world to weight watchers and its great we can share our stories, this particular highlighted the truth regarding dieting and this article even stated it from the lady who the article was based on, she admitted of all the 21 diets she had done for 43 years none of them worked.
The more disturbing issue was that she was saying of all the diets it couldn’t beat a gastric band, really?
I never recalled any mention regarding exercising accompanied by healthy eating in any part of the article, surely in the 43 years of fad dieting you are telling me you never gave it a thought?
I could answer this question very bluntly coming from my own experience I to once fad dieted and took advice from glossies from the panel of so called experts and trust me it got me no were, however investing in me healthy eating with regular exercise did and still has for me, so I can’t understand why she took this option.

After 43 years clearly looking at the picture of the lady and the result of the gastric band, she couldn’t hide the ageing process that has taken its poll on her face, to be blunt she got more lines running forget just her forehead, but her entire face putting to shame London Underground maps with its line illustrations, so whats next plastic surgery?

I was more disgusted that the ending of the article had a link to a website that does gastric bands as if it was alright and the right option to do.  
The Sun newspaper you are on my list this week to contact you should be ashamed of yourself teenagers and young women are your audience to, and after hosting the Olympics to encourage the younger generation to participate in future games with inspiring stories, you have just killed that moment.

So when you think of it all them years you spend fad dieting to get that body you have always wanted, you get it but you look older than your actual age, were is the sense in that now, adding your properly feeling like shit inside starving your body constant weight gain and loss theres so much your skin elasticity can tolerate.
That’s right folks fad dieting, yoyo dieting following your favourite celerities diets will not beat healthy eating combined with regular exercise moderation really is the key to a lasting result, body & mind.

Thank you for making it easier for me:

After having my time out I clearly see the market I need to be link to with health and fitness seriously were do some people get their theories, when will glossies write sense rather than trying to be clever with their theories to getting their readers a bikini diet in 2 weeks or is it 4 weeks make your mind up, the main concern UK is now leading country in Europe for obese, surprised I am not just take a moment to read the bullshit on offer, it just says it all.

If you got time to follow fads, yoyo diets, look at this as a positive sign that self consciously you are crying out to you to have better food (not fast foods, fry ups) if your feeling low endorphins,
(natural feel good chemical released from the brain) can be released by exercising I recommend Boxing.

Keeping this short and sweet I feel I got my message across, on that note I will try not to leave it for to long, but in the meantime stay blessed :-))

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