Dry January ‘WTF’

How I see ‘Dry January’

The usual bollox of the start of the year, ‘New You’, ‘Make that New Years Resolution to a healthy you’, so forth.

But ‘Dry January’, seriously what the fuck?

Do we live in a nation where everyone is an alcoholic that we need to dry out?

I don’t know about you but when I hear that term ‘Dry January’, that is exactly what comes to my mind.

So are we now in ‘Fucking February’!

Yeah I am being sarcastic!

You guys get my drift?

You are properly thinking, what the hell is this women blabbing on about?

I am merly referring to the kind of mixed messages the media sends out to people.

Key, message to send people when coming into the ‘New Year should be a straight forward message.

Educating the public of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, not just for the start of the year.

When I train my clients I don’t place them on 90-day challenges or stupid calorie counting diets.

Nor do I wait for the start of the year to give valuable advice.

Instead, I educate them of the importance of their health, and how changing their lifestyle has a benefit, not for a short period but for the long run.

Included: the importance of mindset.

Is it just me, who see this?

Let me break it down a little more for you!

Your car, that desperately needed to be checked out by your mechanic, would you wait till the ‘New Years’.

This is precisely how you should be looking at your health.

Mix messages through the media when it comes to the topic of health has become a sad encounter.

Like pharmacutical companies that make trillions through people being ill.

Health & Wellbeing is not far behind, with added services of meal replacements & shakes.

Right down to how you live a healthy lifestyle, with most of time being wrong advice.

Living a healthy lifestyle coincides back to back with a healthy mind.

What it’s really about:

Life can be hard for some, whilst for others easier, but you don’t need to be a prisoner in your mind.

When you balance a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle together, it becomes a long-lasting affair.

Subject: Mindset is so ignored

This is not highlighted enough, people are taking in wrong advice.

You just have to look at the growing numbers worldwide with obesity and depression

Just think:

Instead, of the media phrasing ‘Dry January’ ‘New Years, New You’ bullshit, lets come in with promoting the importance of working on both ‘Body & Mind’.

HelenaPhil-Fitness 😉


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