Why New Year’s Resolutions are a load of bullsh*t and what you need to do to achieve a better healthier you

here we go again, ‘New Year & New You’, really!

The reoccurring yearly articles resurface like they never went out of date. 

‘New Year ‘s resolutions to get that summer body’. 

‘New Year’s detox to get your body back in shape’.

Blah blah!

Sounds familiar to you? 

The reality of it, majority of people fall off the wagon just after a month or two into the New Years.

Blink of an eyelid they are back to square one,

moaning when it’s summertime again having gained extra pounds supposed to losing it.

The question is, why does this happen and frequently every year to the majority? 

Let me break it down for you, just think of a smoker who quiets suddenly after smoking for years

where their body is used to it, to the point they are addicted to nicotine.

Suddenly stopping without no thought, they are prone to the cold turkey stage,

become a nightmare to be around and there’s the sudden weight gain, most likely to lead them to start smoking again.

This is all because mentally they are not equipped and mentally geared to fulfil the task at hand.

The same applies to an individual whom, throughout the year has not exercised regularly,

nor eaten healthy but has this misconception, for some reason the word

‘New Year’s Resolution’ is like a magic ritual that you have to wait at the start of the year to start this journey!

Let me be clear in saying this, this is your health we are talking about, there is no time limit before you can change your body

it is vital to change your mind to continuing your journey. 

Before you can change your body, its vital you change your mind:

Before you can change your body its vital you change your mind:

What you should be doing:

New Year’s resolution shouldn’t just be made yearly when it’s concerning your health.

Every week you should be giving yourself a challenge,

for example; this week I will cut down on my alcohol,

next week I will cut out eating processed foods, the next week I will cut out sugar and so on.                                            

Being mindful of your actions concerning your health will give you a better perspective to continuing your journey and placing consistent action to it.


setting small goals weekly will activate your mindset to continuing to a better you and not placing too much pressure on yourself. 

Question you’re eating habits by keeping a food diary:

ating habits by keeping a food diary:                                                                                                                                        

Keeping a food diary is a great way to see what you eat and highlight your habits, for example;

are you the type of person who skips breakfast and hardly eats throughout the day, then when less active in the evening make up for it by binge eating?

This slams your metabolism so you are not burning foods efficiently. Do you allow your emotions and stress levels get the better of you by replacing it with eating crap foods, top with alcohol?

If you fall into this category your likely be more prone to trying fad diets and detoxes, the long run will make you accumulate extra unwanted weight.                                                

A food diary is a great way to detect this before it gets out of hand keeping you mindful of your actions and aware of the foods you are consuming daily.                                                                                                                            

Just remember 80% is based on nutrition and 20% is exercise.

Exercise Regular:

Exercising is a great way of releasing endorphins, (natural feel-good chemical release from the brain).              

 It’s great for releasing stress levels, making you more focus on the task at hand,

and keeping your body toned and subtle and of course, fitting into the clothes you love to wear.                                                            

My advice is finding an exercise that you will enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a choir; the gym might not be for you, you might like riding your bike? only you will know.

The objective is to keep active!

if you have time to watch your favourite programme, investing in your health is not a problem think about it.


Learning to love yourself is a powerful affirmation and one if promoted constantly you will never give up on yourself.

It’s not a matter of likely, but a guarantee to continuing your journey to leading a healthy lifestyle.

After all you love yourself, so it would be rude to let ‘You’ down, think of it?

Rome was not built in a day, nor was your health! 

Act today and don’t wait for the New Year resolution malarkey, there’s no such thing.

The New you take form when your mindful of your actions not for a short period but the for long run. 


#TheCommonSenseCoach 😉

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