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Whilst doing some research today, I came across an article titled: ‘6 things that happen when you turn 40’. The first thing that was written regarding the (6 things that happen when you turn 40′). I had to laugh and I really laughed: have butchers below.

I didn’t leave it long this time for blogging on the ‘Forty, Fit & Fabulous’ blogs!screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-14-59-28

What a load of crap, seriously now not everyone who is 40 this actually happens too. When you look at the amount of forty-year-olds, who were not brought up on processed meals, but meals that were cooked from scratch had no computers or the internet to keep them entertained. Instead, they were more active, playing out as their means of keeping occupied supposed to kids nowadays that sit in front of a computer playing games consistently and not getting enough exercise. It really isn’t surprising that the rate of heart diseases and diabetes has risen, supposed to 20 years ago when the rate was lower than now. 

How dare they even apply that at forty your body likes being fat, really? I know fifty + ladies and gentlemen, who both have bodies as if they are in their mid-twenties, some younger, without a wrinkle in sight, adding extremely active. This makes me question the article if a forty-year-old really wrote this?. Yes, your metabolism can slow down as you get older, but in a lot of cases, this does not apply to everyone when they reach forty. A twenty-year-old could have a slow metabolism, it’s all how you nurture your body. Then there is the other factor, thyroid problems such as an under-active thyroid, 18-20-year-olds have no chance if the condition is bad, again can apply to a forty-year -old. So I will bluntly state this do your bloody research.

One minute a forty-year-old has become ‘the new thirty’, seriously make up your mind, as articles like this one, to me are saying you are middle age, get over it enjoy your life and just get fat, but use the fact that your outlook now on life has come down to ‘simply not giving a damn’.

And as for the bit, you care less what people think when you reach forty, well I got to that stage at the age of 18. Yes, you get more comfortable in your own skin the older you get, but again this might not apply to all. I know fifty-year-olds that still worry about what other people think: to place it bluntly are still keeping up with ‘The Jones’. Some so scorned through unhappy marriages, others from divorces and at the age, well forget to being forty, they are nearly reaching their fifties. So really and truly writing crap like this has no significance what so ever.

I remember when I was in my teens, the thought of turning forty was seen as middle age supposed to now. Now I have reached the age of forty, I can honestly say this really does not apply what so ever and to anyone reading this and is forty themselves will understand?

The only thing that has got better for me getting older, is the fact I have become more diplomatic in situations, supposed to over 10 years ago I would not think twice in punching someone if they came infront of me shuting and screaming. this again might not apply to all.

But please, those who blog, write articles on subjects of being forty, stop putting us down, instead write about the real coopertaes like the big money grabbing distributors that have successfully marketed their processed, un-nutrisioned package meals and the ‘Herbalife’ of the world and ofcourse the dreaded ‘Celebrity diets’, then and only then the rate of heart deseases, obesity and diebetes rate will lower: to be more precise will lower down dramatically: it bluntly makes sense.

Just one more blog left for “Forty, Fit & Fabulous’ bringing it to the 20th edition and some carfeful planning a-head, as for me I am in preparation mode for the year 2017, seriously keep in tune more will be coming, to the point a subject that you can relate to: as they say watch this space, till the next time keep happy, fit and most importantly smile at life and let it treat you like it’s bitch!


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