Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 18

Hello all,

It’s now two blogs left on ‘Forty, Fit & Fabulous’ to go!

For me it marks, winter training waking up in the pitch dark just to fit a workout in. I have to say it’s definitely perked me up, the fact I suffer from S.A.D and building more endorphin release helps them shitty moods disappear in a flash: I simply can’t complain.

For some who also suffer from symptoms of S.A.D, it’s not that straightforward for them: Depression sets in quicker than they can blink, to the point, where it is so hard to shift that people around them simply think they are cracking up: seriously is no joke. But the truth is, if you give into it, it will console you so think of stuff to do preferably active that can shift this focus: I am not just talking about going to the gym, to some this is a dislike. I am referring to merely keeping active such as: walking more, cycling, getting out and about seeing different scenery, to socializing will help combat those S.A.D blues.

Nutrition also plays an important part: to put it bluntly you eat crap, you feel crap, simple. I would recommend anyone in upping their vegetable intake, certainly not sticking to a high protein diet, but to understand that carbs are essential, but the good carbs. Often people understanding of carbs is simply rice and pasta, I am talking about, sweet potatoes, plantain and if you do fancy rice and pasta, just stick to brown not the white. Brown rice, pasta, is better in terms in releasing insulin levels slowly supposed to whites pasta and rice, if not eaten with vegetables, the rate of insulin levels goes quicker to the blood. What I have just stated, is no surprise to the amount of people who now have been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2: You have to just look at the growing rise of ready-made meals, including a variety of refined carbs- (unnatural carbs, that contain substantial amounts of unnecessary sweeteners and additives). It really isn’t a surprise when you look at these facts and the fact that ready-made meals sales have doubled as years go on, but hey it really isn’t the big issue that diabetes is rising by the second, as long as those dollar signs keep accumulating, bluntly fuck the rising health-related diseases.

But for some, settling into the winter season is an excuse to pig out, after all, the jumpers are in, as well as the heavy coats, so my body is not on display: I will just do a quick-fix fad diet when it gets closer to the summer. I have seen this relentless times, as I say to clients and friends, it all catches up with you, not all but some gain a fan club for illness to enter the body, not realizing they are doing more harm than good. Also the older you get and the more you abuse your body, trust me it shows making you look years older than you actually are.

Give yourself a break: simply just do it, trust me you will feel better and certainly reduce any levels of stress that could be worse by S.A.D. Being creative is also another alternative in combating the battle of S.A.D. I used to draw and paint, (btw a long time ago), but the urge to start it all up again, has prompted me in buying a sketchbook and start it all up again. The whole idea is to go against that feeling, of feeling blue as you are self-consciously promoting it, without realizing it, so think before you allow S.A.D to consume you.

I remember a few years back, I would allow S.A.D to consume me, more so this would last right through autumn until, well the UK decided its weather will go back to the summer. So I really know what I am talking about in regards to winning the battle of S.A.D.Now down to 2 blogs left

Now down to 2 blogs left and I will be switching the blogs up.

Till the next time keep smiling, be happy :-))




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