Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 17

Hello people,

I hope you have all been keeping well?  I am back to training, this being my first week back after taking off 2 months has been an aching one so far, experiencing DOM’s is no joke trying to sit on a toilet seat lol! It’s just so clever how the body works and the memory muscle that doesn’t take long to settle in, yes through years of training it’s got better.

The whole plan is to begin prepping for competition mode for next year. I always wanted to compete, more so now that I have hit 40, encouraging other women to do so too and my message is it’s never too late to train, just look at Ernestine Sheppard, I say no more.

I am now on the (Forty, Fit & Fabulous: edition 17) of my blogs and have decided that I am taking it up to edition 20. As I have mentioned before I am writing an e-book entitled-Forty, Fit & Fabulous. Included is advice on mindset, nutrition, exercises and recipes. I feel I need to focus more on the e-book, but want to use my blogs to display my knowledge on the subject more. So now only to 3 editions to my (Forty, Fit & Fabulous) blogs, what will you guys do without them, lol!

I also have to express that at times when I post stuff on social media and share my blogs, I don’t feel like my audience is engaging, this could be down to numerous stuff, but if anyone is reading this please say hi and what you would like to know more on the subject health, fitness, and mind?

Now I need to keep this one really short as I am on a deadline for an article.

Keep healthy, fit and don’t forget to smile :-))


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