Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 16

Hello Lovelies,

After having a week break away in Cyprus, visiting the family for a long time. I got to my routes by remembering them more clearly. Whilst taking the time out I had the opputnity to apply the mental training I have been undergoing now for several months to the test. I quickly felt back to myself, a feeling I couldn’t quit cast my finger on for over 10 years, but it came back and it didn’t tale me to long to familulise myself with it.

I was effiecient with my time and how I would use it, right down to knowing my days I would train. Yes everything was a routine and one that worked with my lifestyle. Then my health went pair shaped, thankfully after a few years I bounced back.

They say things happen for a reason, I belive mine was for myself to not forget mentally and physcially to be strong and balanced and to never loose sight of this.

When your balanced, you look clearly around at your surroundings, people you have around you and your lifestyle in general. For me the past few years has been about, getting rid of what does not serve its purpose to me. This applies to people and situations and belive me it has been placed to the test. I no longer have time for situations to consume me with negativity, I am not interested in people oppinions to how I should conduct myself, when clearly they are not able to control theirs, the list is endless. That was then, now I can proudly state the list has shortened and I feel more relieved that I have ever felt for a while. This for me has come at a good time, after taking almost 2 months off training, yes been given medication containing steroids, I am looking forward to the winter training.

Tuesday gone, I got up at 4.30am it was pitch dark outside, still yawrning away, I couldn’t help but feeling a slight excitiment. Sounds really sad, but for me it wasn’t. With the summer holidays ending and everyone is back to routine, so was my spinning class back to its sceduled time slot. It was a reminder of what I endured every morning last year around the same time.

Being out of sync with my training, has taken a mental bashing when trying to sit down and do my paper work, but becuase of the constant meditation I was able to get through, just about and as a result I am officially back to training and prep, as my goal is to compete next year.

Now I am going to go back to my holiday in Cyprus. Firstly for me being a vegatarian it was a mission to find food. Luckily were I was statying 2 miles away from, I found a takeaway that done vegatarian burgers. The downside, it was cooked in deep fat oil, but it still tasted awesome, with their interpretation of a Greek version of a vegatarian burger, included tomatoes, cucumber and tzatziki yogurt, it went down a storm. Apart from that I was living on Greek salads and vegatables.

Meditaranian counties like Cyprus, Spain and Italy and Turkey, whom all have simular diets and was voted as one of the healthiest diets in the world. What I can see from visiting Cyprus, theres more junk food chains than ever. Every touriest site, theres a Burger King and Mcdonalds in reaching distance. I constantly saw advertisment for these foods chains, advertsing meal deals as little as €2. This is not just happening in Cyprus its worldwide.

The goverment in many countries spend millions on canpaigning for people to lead healthy lifes, promoting exercising more often and even eating your 5-a-day. Just think if healthy foods didnt cost more than junk food what the outcome would be? I know the answer to this is logic. But one thing I can answer you is, food chains like Burger King and Mcdonalds are so unhealthy if you continue to eat this kinda crap frequently, the gamble is on your health, including your waistline and also these foods are addictive with all the crappy preservaties they add, your hooked like a junkie.

Till the next time keep smiling healthy and happy x

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