Forty, Fit, Fabulous & Healthy: No:1

Hello everyone!

This is the beginning of my journey before I hit the big four-O. You heard right folks next year I turn forty and proud of it.

I generally keep healthy and workout regular, but due to medical reasons I had to take medication that contributed to myself gaining weight. (I will be releasing photos of my before and after pictures) throughout blogging so you can see its all above board. And no, no photoshop pictures will be included.

I once weighed 15 stones through educating myself and (yes it does help in being a Personal Trainer and nutritionist), with my Phycology back ground, I mastered training both the body & mind when I place weight on, its nothing like the 15 stones I used to be.

Like anyone else and being human I faced fears, but I also learned how to mentally train as well that lead me on my journey and no I am showing others how to do the same.

I decided to write my (Forty, Fit Fabulous & Healthy) serious of blogs to inspire women and men, that its never to late to embark on this journey.

Many start the journey to that healthier road only for it to explode in their faces and taking them back to square 1.

As I am a strong believer that its important to combine the mind when embarking on this journey, I will have information on mental fitness training to guide an individual wanting to achieve the same.

One thing I always preach and still will, and this is coming from the heart, that a quick fix is not the solution and certainly not the option for doing so as you get older.

  1. You slow down your matabolizm (the rate in which you burn your food intake)
  2. You age quicker.
  3. You bring on stress levels.
  4. Its simply does not work.

Just the four reasons alone put me off fad diets and its the best thing I ever done.

This is my before and after pictures until I learned the secret to obtaining a healthier lifestyle and of course loosing weight.


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