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New Fitness Dating Site Uniting Kindred Spirits

London, UK (June 29, 2015) – Finding a mate with genuine common interest can sometimes prove difficult, but fitness enthusiasts looking for love now have their own platform to find likeminded partners, with the upcoming launch of fitness dating website – Fit to Date.

No doubt, there is a natural tendency to be attracted to other people who enjoy sharing a specialised interest. Studies have, in fact, shown that couples with shared interests are more likely to participate in activities together and develop greater understanding and empathy for each other.

As it relates to fitness, a survey conducted by the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University in 2011, revealed that couples who work out together had a stronger bond and stayed together. Fit to Date, therefore, provides the ideal platform for fitness enthusiasts to meet like-minded persons to forge a long-term relationship.

Fit to Date was founded in April 2015 by fitness enthusiast, Mark Smith, who was inspired to launch the online dating site after experiencing, firsthand, how difficult it was to find someone who shared his greatest passion in life which is keeping fit.

“I was working out on a bike one day at the gym and suddenly had an epiphany to start a fitness dating website, said Mark.” He further added, “We do not believe that all relationships can be formed online, but with a combination of on and offline interactions, it could develop into something more long term. In light of that, we will be incorporating a lot of offline group activities like travel and events. Doing this will allow singles to meet without the pressure of one to one meetings if they are nervous in settings of this kind.”

But the website is not only for those looking for love. Individuals who just want to find workout partners or exercise groups to keep motivated and make training more fun can also take advantage of the platform. Joining is quick and easy and membership costs only £14.99 per month.

With any dating site, potential members will have concerns about their safety; however, Fit to Date boasts a variety of security tools in place to protect all their members. The website’s security tools confirm and validate user profiles ensuring that only genuine individuals are able to join the platform.

The official launch date for the fitness dating platform is set for Monday, July 6, 2015. For further information or to become a member of Fit to Date visit: or connect with them on Facebook at:


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