Forty Fit & Fabulous No:2

Ok so here is another update for my several blogs to come, on my road to reaching the big four-O. With just a year to go I officially turned 39 last Thursday gone. Yes I consumed a lot of of rubbish the weekend gone; hands up I ate a whole box of chocs to myself.  Previous to this I had to take medication which involved steroids, yes I put on weight for the first time in years, I had boobs, which I now call them my little handfuls, alias  Ben & Jerry!  As for an arse I have always been blessed with a peaky booty, its just got bigger now.

I admit I had times when taking my medication to still train. Instead I decided to lower down my training. At times I ate healthy but I consumed sugar in my diet and wanted people to see how it effects that slimline, so I made sure I put on more weight to show people the effects.

As a result I no longer weight 8st but now nearly up to 11stone (not quiet there, but not far). I wanted men and women who are my age or even older, to the younger generation to see the effects of eating crappy and what it can have on the body, in just a space of a few months.

Prior to this, I made a promise to myself that after I turn 39 my journey to a healthy and new body which I will sharing with you all my, can be achieve by just devising time to exercise regular and of course eat healthy, is the way forward.

I have to say, that whilst I made this decision to place weight on, with the added steroids in my system, (did, I forget to mention the steroids I had to take were not meant for building more muscle mass but other medical reasons, I just can’t be bothered to go into), but either way the weight has been gain. Then there was the other side of it, not exercising regular. Instead I would sit on my arse more so, but I was doing constructive stuff, like writing articles to sell to publications and supplying publications with either articles or my knowledge, (had no complaints there)!  The point is, without noticing due to the lack of exercising, this played havoc with my mind. Ok I was stimulated when working, but when it came to stress levels and trying to concentrate, that alone was a task. Instead, I was becoming more indecisive making decisions and even found it hard to relax and go to sleep, of course I felt sluggish throughout the day and wide awake at night.

Another reason why I decided to to place weight on, was people referred to myself like: ‘Your so lucky your slim you don’t need to watch what your eat’ Errrrm yes I do, I can to place weight on to. If I eat crap, properly not as much as you would due to previous exercising has made my metabolism more faster.

I am glad I done this, because it proved to me how logical together with common sense,it coincides that we all should be investing in our health, not for a short time but throughout. As a fitness professional myself, I have made it my motto to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I preach this to my clients and anyone who ask me on advise regarding the subject, I am always on hand and stating it like it is. You can’t beat healthy living, and fads just don’t touch this.

The great aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercising, is that it’s advantage is both physical as well as mental. Where else a fad diet can give you that quick weight loss, screw your thinking perception, often leading to the individual into a complete loon. You may be asking why? It’s simple, because if your loosing the weight to quickly, its not theres a chance it will come back, with added weight, it’s a case it will, so that individual goes from feeling hyped up for their weight loss to depressed with extra weight being consumed before they started their fad diet.

I will and will always stand by the principles of healthy living, I have been obese, I have been slim and now I am going to demonstrate the power it has on that new body, if applied correctly.

Picture of myself how I normally look


This is a picture of myself of how the effects of medication and eating crap had its impact on my body:



This is how I am currently looking now:




This is just the start of my journey, and showing people, I am to a normal person and just because I am a Personal Trainer does not mean I can’t place weight on. I keep it off because I simply choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

For now I am resting that body up, with the occasional classes taught here and there, I smell some serious training commencing.


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