Forty fit & fabulous No:3

So I have began my journey exactly like I set out to. Two days in a role I have been waking up at 5am to get the early gains. So far so good, did I mention I have DOM’s (delayed onset of the muscle), interpreted to others as stiff as F£%k! But to be honest I am not complaining, it just means I have worked muscles that have gone lazy from not working them as often as before, but hey thats what muscle memory is all about.

Yesterday I started with a session consisting of working the legs, which I am suffering more so, as I taught spin first thing this morning. I kept my weight moderate and some light due to my accident years back on my legs, but you know what I just went in with no excuses. I squatted, leg pressed, inner outer thighs, deadlifts, lunges with 40min cardio and my favourite, boxing the crap out of the bag; (that was needed)! After working out for 2 hours I had the luxury of having a steam which involved a good scrub, eliminating the dead skin through exfoliating and my version of hot yoga, (yes all in the steam room) and I had it all to myself bliss!

In just 2 days of working out, I have noticed my focus level have gone up. Yesterday I had a pile of work which I am pleased to say all accomplished and no time wasting, so generally I am a happy bunny.

In this blog I won’t be posting any pictures, as it’s only been a week from when I posted how I am currently looking and no changes will be noticeable just yet. But I can actually see my definition on my stomach area slowly defining again as well as my thighs and arms.

I have made a promise to myself to keep going and no excuses and I am aware I am in control of my outcome, besides I have placed the pressure on myself now so there really isn’t any room for excuses but to proceed.

My eating has gone back to clean, when I say clean I mean no process crap, besides I wan’t keen on processed foods to start with, so eliminating it was easy. But I am just like every women out there that goes through her monthly cycle, I confess thats when the sugar tooth in me comes out.

Weekend just gone, I vowed to eat my last caramel muffin from Costa, I enjoyed every minute of it as I knew I won’t be eating this for a while now. (To the caramel muffin you was nice but now I need to move on, as much as you stare at me when I come into Costa to grab a latte our affair is truly over)!

I am going to keep this blog short and sweet, otherwise at this stage I will appear to be sounding like I am waffling on words just to fill the gaps.

Till the next blog I hope you are all keeping fit & well? If not start and trust me it will be the best decision you have made. :-))

Till the next time keep healthy and keep them smiles radiating!

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