Forty Fit & fabulous No: 4

With just under a month of training, I am slowly seeing the results of constant training and eating healthy that can have an impact on the body, and yes I have pictures to show these changes, from my first Blog of (Forty fit & fabulous), to now. Who ever said that working out and regular, to eating sensibly as you get older does not have it’s benefits and blaming the metabolism being slow. Bluntly if you disrespect your body by shoving endless amount of lard, as well as adding other unwanted illness likes diabetes, heart disease to becoming obese. In time you will slow down your metabolism and constantly feel sluggish and fatigue, not been able to concentrate to your best ability. But some body types such as Ectomorph who find it hard to place weight on might not suffer with the gaining weight side of things, but can also be prone to having heart disease, diabetes.

My point with the above mentioned is the message I always put across, invest in your lifestyle long term not for a short period.


IMG_1305 IMG_1304


Keeping this blog short and sweet until the next one keep blessed :-))

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