Forty, Fit & Fabulous No: 5

Hello hello Cyber family,


Yet again a long pause on my behalf, due to the busy schedule I have had these last few months. Yeah yeah the same old excuse you might be thinking, but its the truth.

The good news I have kept the training going as well as eating really well and as a result I have managed to loose nearly 2 stones to were I started at. I have kept my training consistent, meaning I have been getting up almost everyday at silly o’clock early hours with no sun light in order to fit this into my schedule before I go and attend everyone else is need to their journey of loosing weight.

I have been that focussed that I have not taken any pictures to show the results to my journey, so you will have to take my word for it lol.

Also I have not written any articles for quiet some time now, but I have been asked to do so, which will be coming in the near future.

I was lucky enough last Thursday just gone though, to be part of a cooperate filming for Fitness First, were I done what I love doing the best and that was to workout in front of the cameras, adding I worked with a fantastic production company and got to meet amazing people in the process and network.

These last few months for myself has been amazing, not only meeting new people but also being able to network and find people who have the same interests in myself and getting leads in spreading my message regarding the (bullshit fad-Diets) I totally detest.

I know the above mentioned is totally irrelevant to the title of this blog. But mentally for me it is, with just coming into up to under 9 months till I officially turn forty, someone in the same boat as me might be reading this blog and asking why the hell isn’t she posting some information and tips for a person turning forty or is already forty? Good question and my answer to this I like to give time when writing articles to nutrition advise and being a perfectionist I like it exactly like that, oh and theres the famous saying I am saving the best to last lol!

I will however be posting some footage, but if you can’t wait head over to my Instagram page: Helenaphil_fitness and there is plenty of pictures and video images that I have recently posted.

Till the nest time keep happy, healthy and be safe x



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