Introduction: Why exercise is an investment in the long run: My story

So I have officially burst my cherry now having my blog my views whoop whoop!
Now thats off my chest back to blogging on a subject that I have passion for, Health & Fitness.

We have all heard the usual blah blah eat healthy exercise regular and still ignore the common sense.But why is it that when a fad diet is in trend or down to following your favourite celebrity diets were so fickle minded not questioning the stupidness that follows?
Your asking what is this women talking about?

What I mean about the stupidness that follows, firstly you shouldn’t be dieting that’s a fools paradise.

Secondly moderation is the key, I of all people know this to be a fact.
Once weighing 15 stones, I learned to moderate my food intake.
Example; I would eat a sensible breakfast a good portion for lunch and less in the evening when I was less active, of course I exercised not twice a week but 4-6 times a week, adapting from having lucozade and crisps and chocolate for breakfast, the rest is just embarrassing to mention. Slowly within time I noticed how much I lost, with my trousers falling to my feet as I no longer had a belly to use as my belt.

From my experience I learned about investing, nope not in property but in myself  and health, by far was my best non financial investment that was a winner all the way.
I still now continue to exercise and eat healthy as well as being a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor leading people to a healthier lifestyle. Oh did I mention I still enjoy cakes, sweets and  chocolate without having the fear its going on to my butt.
By the continuous of exercising and eating well I now can eat practically what I want.
That’s just the start, mentally I feel so in control within myself and decision are made with confidence to the point if I smile any harder I will literally leave a dent in my face, being the opposite to what I was back then, sad depressed before I was introduce to releasing natural endorphins (natural feel good chemical release from the brain when exercising). Who needs anti-depressents? Exactly.

The good thing about exercising there is no age limit with different levels for the non Jane Fonda types theres yoga, swimming pilates or if you like pain to gain enjoy a sweat? take up boxing running, that’s just the start. The greatness of exercising there are limitless activities to get you hooked, the point is if you can get hooked on a fad diet, celebrity following diets think again do you want something lasting or a quick fix bringing you back to square one the decision is yours?

Oh I forgot your busy lifestyle either working being a full time parent is hectic but theres that time in the evening when you sort your priority to leaving them aside to watch that reality show your hooked on to catching up with Eastenders  or what ever tickles your taste television wise. If your making time for the TV now consider making time for you, as you have let yourself down invest in you, Katie Price or Big Brother don’t care about you and how your looking look and feel better knowing it’s your time is priceless.

It really is as easy as said just got to give it a chance.
When your looking and feeling good are you going to complain now?
Thought so.

This was me weighing at the time 15 stones


Me results of the best investment health & fitness now

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