Why following Fads & favourite celebrity diets is just plain stupid

Those that have been wise to follow me on my campaign against fads & celebrity following diets on Twitter, will have felt through my blunt vocabulary how I loaf the subject.
Why you maybe asking?
Its simple, it’s just plain stupid.
I mean how can a fad diet change someones shape then as soon as you have stopped fad dieting and starved your body of nutrients, you have noticed your foot hasn’t evan crossed the line and your right were you began, depression hits in, lack of motivation just too hard to grasp.
All you had to do was eat in moderation and exercise regularly plain simple.Lets not forget the in fashion of following a favourite celebrity secret diets, ‘I quote the celebrity diet”
What is that all about?
The point is you cut a celebrity and they bleed just the same as you do.Magazines assisting the the called Celebrity Diet in your face with the enticed celebrity world, taking the individual away from reality,
( I mean anyone can be famous these days):  Anyone up for staring in Big Brother, maybe X-factor?),
just don’t help, instead a feeling it’s fashionable, not:
Lets start with the famous Cheryl Cole blood group following diet, okay I am an O positive the most common of all blood groups.
For my blood group it recommends I eat a high protein diet, basically meat eater.
Really? I have a tolerance to red meat, over 20 years ago when I ate red meat my stomach would feel heavy and I felt physically sick and not including beans in my diet made my energy levels low.
Now I am a strict vegetarian, I don’t do dairy or red meats or white, I have to say I have never felt better, though I do replace my protein with Quorn products as well as a good, share of carbs (the good ones known as brown pasta & rice), it also states to avoid beans which I include highly in my food in take, in fact it’s helped me with weight loose in the past, mixing black eyed peas in my salad, I continue to do so.
My point is if I followed the O blood group diet I would still be feeling sick, so no I don’t agree there on the nutrition side.

I am missing something here?
That’s it, The celebrity fitness videos who I quote are mainly choreographed by a fitness professional who is qualified in this field and the celebrity gets credit for it.
Pardon me for being confused here, did that celebrity undergo fitness courses, exams to learn this subject?
The answer they hired a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist to guide them.

Lets not forget the celebrity trainer that has clearly forgotten what they were taught when studying the subject health & fitness.
Elaborate for you, the write up they are known in the glossy magazines that you readers are lead to believe they are The Diet Fitness guru, earning therm the tittle all because they trained a celebrity.
Lets look at some celebrities that have followed fads;
Starting with: Lauren Goodger and the Cambridge diet (It’s clearly not working lovely) and your trainer if you got one is not complimenting your natural curves you are blessed with.
Vanesa Felts, yoyo dress sizes and weight, your health plan sucks oh yeah the gastric band? have you got a trainer? if so my advice sack your trainer, it clearly ain’t doing you any justice.
I could be here all day for real, but I will stop here on this one.

Adding Celebrity Personal Trainers going against principles taught, by writing up 1 week bikini diet; Stop: is that really catered for all body sizes? Thought not.
Just say your reader is over weight does the 1 week bikini diet apply to them, do they have to starve them selfs for 1 week to achieve that result?

To all celebrity trainers that have done what they were hired to do with lasting results inspiring their celebrity to continue promoting the right way, I salute you and thank you for continuing our good reputation.

Why can’t we have a positive read in the glossy magazines to compliment the UK for hosting the Olympics this year?
Instead the headlines are highlighted by a  handful of celebrities that are practically starving them selfs in order to maintain the so called zero size, re-quote that, the anorexic look, you know the one that starves your body of vitamins nutrients resulting to serious impacts that results in ageing oneself 10 years to their time.

Good news for cosmetics surgeons putting them back in business. 
Example: Chloe Simms (Only way is Essex), why the hell would you go through all that when you was naturally beautiful in the first place? 
A face is to be expressed not just to see moving lips, psychiatrist or councillors your be out of jobs not knowing what your clients thoughts are to analyse them, lie detectors will be pointless if it’s a body job, theres a thought!
Or is it official The Spitting Image look is back and when you age your be looking like 
Sylvester Stallone mother?

What are we doing to combat the fact that the UK has been crowned the Europe nations of fatties?
It’s no wonder the UK has been crowned this tittle with the advice the media via glossy magazines is giving it’s audiences.
We need to be encouraging the nation to exercise more, eat moderately and clue them up on nutrition.
Just look years ago at our ancestor’s, health problems were at a low percentage suppose to now.
There weren’t Madoalds or Burger King, meat was considered a privilege for them, in the meantime main availability for our ancestors survival was grown soil foods, were did obesity let alone common illness been known more commonly? Then theres the processed foods 1 minute microwave meals available today, what happen to starting from scratch when prepping food?

It seems to me the truths is not highlighted enough and my advice to quick money fad scheming gimmicks to think again, your marketing your bullshit to a vulnerable audience you know exactly what you are doing, praying on busy lives of people earning a crust with a quick fix solution; news for you I know what I am doing just like you speaking my mind of the effects your money making schemes are affecting people lively hoods.
Respect and understand I have a  mission to let people know of the dangers if continued.

Editor please we want to read inspiring stories about real women (after all these are the ones that keep you in your jobs by buying your glossies), give them something back by showing them your appreciation and write up the truth on looking good with proper facts that health & fitness should always be included in one’s lifestyle, promote that, call it the best investment oneself can make.
Lets see as a nation if depression levels will be reduced, common illness going like; diabetes, obesity and heart disease, I am that confident they will reduce.
Editors if you are stuck please don’t hesitate to contact me I would be more than happy to assist you?

Just remember your body is trying to talk to you please listen to it feed it the nutrients it craves for and exercise regular, in return it will compliment you by looking good with or without clothes on as well as keeping you happy and confident in your decisions as well as helping you look younger than you are, thats not to be bargained with now?

Last but not least please celebrity stick to entertaining us wether it be on on a reality show or soap, unless you are a qualified Fitness professional.

Yep, that pretty much explains why following fads & celebrities diets results in.
The question now is common sense or stupidness what are going to do?

Next Blog will be published on Tuesday 15th May 2012

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