The Myths on resistance training: The benefits

We have all heard the myths that surround the subject Health & Fitness, been told one thing then another.
One of the most common myths is resistance training, been painted as a workout for the bulky geezer, you know the nicknamed sted bods parading with tight vest top and their muscles ripping out of their vest.
It’s no surprise that women, now some cases men not wanting to include resistance in their workout, as they are afraid of bulking, really?
Lets clear this one up straight away, firstly you wont bulk unless you are taking steroids, well are you?
Or there’s the body type mesomorph, (meaning in non rocket science, you gain muscle easily)– this again is structured by what kinda of resistance training you are doing, how heavy weights your are lifting as well as sets & reps of course diet. Still not convinced about the benefits of resistance training?
The plus side of resistance training:
Lets look at the benefits of resistance training, it is fact that resistance training is the best form of fat burning you can do, surprised don’t be, as when you look at the common sense of it, fat turns to muscle.
The other benefits resistance training has, it helps to protect your bone density from osteoporosis,brittle bones, sarcopenia and lower back pain.
Just think, if your running on hard concrete ground all the shock of hard ground impacting and the whole of your body weight on your bones slowly developing brittle bones, with no muscle mass to protect you,from not adding resistance training to your routine. Ouch not good at all in your later life.I spoke recently with a gentleman who now is 76, in his prime time he done a lot of running, including 2 marathons. He told me he wished he never run as he suffers now with osteoporosis, being no shocked to myself when I learned that his training consisted only of running copout.
Evan running on a treadmill is harsh on your joints just think, it’s a rotating band and you are running on the spot, the more higher the speed, cut the story short, you might as well bash your bones against a wall.
Please don’t let me put you off running as your heart needs a workout, I advice you run on more softer surfaces like grass (just watch the dog pooh) and investing in a good pair of running shoes, is the way forward to protecting your bones. Oh and of course add resistance into your fitness regime.
Want a weight loss plan that will jump start you in the right direction? Resistance training you burn calories evan when your not training, in other words more calories are used to make and maintain muscle than fat speeding your metabolism.

Last but no least, imagine being overweight and you loose all the weight from only doing cardio no resistance training added, you will have no muscle mass so the obvious you will promote the wobble look instead of the toned look you was after in the first place.

Next time you are thinking of doing that Zumba class or body combat perhaps take up running, think about adding resistance training!
You don’t have to be a gym member to have access to weight, just pick up your copy of Argos catalogue go through their section that sells free weights (for the arms), a bar with educate weights (for legs butt -squats & lunges), and start protecting your bones today as little as £30 you most defiantly won’t go wrong.

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