It’s all about the gluts or is it the core?

Recently I was asked by a close friend, is training the glut and only the glut, the in thing?
To be honest it was like a deja-vu as not, long ago I was asked a similar question by a member at a gym were I was teaching but asked if core training and only core training is apparently the in thing and right way to train?I had to just pause: I asked both my friend and gym member were the hell they got that information from?
Not to my surprised yes, you guessed it a glossy magazine was guilty.
I question both more and horrified what I was been told and saw.

Yes the usual propaganda, using the celebrity statues to promote a fad:
Firstly let’s start with Madonna, according to one glossy (not gonna bitch on the name), states to look and have gluts like Madonna, adding well researched exercises on exercising that area (I take my hat off to you there).
I don’t think Madonna, in fact I put my money on it she does more than train her gluts, I mean pushing 50+ and having a body like hers.
It’s obvious she cross trains meaning she adds variety to her routine, and works not just large muscle but the small ones adding free weights, running, cycling,dancing and strict diet as well as Yoga being a favourite for Boxers, proving results in their flexibility.
If you look at Madonna posture the Yoga has worked more than its magic from consistency keeping to it.
Changing the subject I know a 70 year old Yoga instructor, let me tell you this lady looks good for her age and flexible as fuck, yes thats from constantly doing it as well as looking after herself.

Lets move onto the next glossy claiming that core training and only core training will get you a stomach like Beyonce.
We all know that Beyonce has curves to die for, not forgetting a good butt and toned legs.
I really don’t think that Beyonce judging by her figure only concentrates on her core, it’s been reported she jogs cycles and evan seen in and out of gym, as well as dance studios in the past.
Again I take off my hat to the glossies with the well illustrated pictures showing it’s readers the correct exercise’s to work that area.
I am guessing you consulted an expert advice I take it?
In that case so called fitness experts what crack pipe was you smoking at the time, I mean you got your exercise for that area correct what about some more input ?

If your still lost let’s shed the light on the subject.
Firstly training gluts and core I would not rule out at all.
I would encourage a person to work there arms, inner and outer thighs, calves lower back and shoulders, need to go on basically all over, oh and combined with some cardio for the old ticker.
Strengthening one part of the body and leaving the other one astray, you are asking for injuries.
Core training is fantastic after all it is the centre point of the body, your arms and legs are attached so complement them all.
You don’t want to become lopsided now do you?
Same apply’s to strictly working your gluts. Picture this, your workout consists of glut training, you go in the mirror and notice from lack of training your stomach and back the flab is fighting to get a front row seat in that area you don’t train, not a good sight.

Next time your in the gym working out in the park, were ever you train, it’s great to have a day when you work your lower body and a day the upper just keep it balance and spread it out, the results in the future will speak for them selfs.

So no folks it’s not all about the gluts or core it’s about training the whole body.


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