The mental barrier: Getting over it

Blessed to say 2 day’s in the gym, rehab on my feet has began till June decision of another 2 operation, my point is I am not high on medication whilst writing this blog as pointed out by lovely peeps:
(Thanks guys) with pointing out my mistakes.Ah, the blog let’s get on with it Helena, a good idea indeed.
It’s so easy to say to yourself that sunday night when your packing your bag for the gym or that class you attended to get to.
When monday comes you are telling yourself ‘naaaar can’t be asked, had a stressful day’.
Tuesday hitting in, let me guess your tiered? Now wednesday is here half way into the week the gym bag is still packed and staring for your attention, by which at this time the novelty has truly worn off, before you know it your right back to sunday, though you saved the trouble of packing your gym bag as you never unpacked it in the first place.
Or is it the other way round?
Winter’s here can’t be bothered to exercise, I mean why would you, it’s not like your  body going to be on display it’s not summer right?
Firstly let’s look at the lame reason that you programmed in your head giving up the task before you evan gave yourself a chance.
You have automatically sent a negative signal to your brain telling it you won’t do it, in response it is saying to you chill out, you have had a stressful day as it is, exercising will add more stress.
Quiet the opposite: I have mention before in my first blog the benefits of exercising and release of endorphins, without getting technical (natural feel good chemical in the brain released when exercising) which in fact lowers stress levels, studies have shown this as a result as well as speaking from my experience, it really is true.

Back in March this year I had an operation on both my feet, as you can imagine I was out of training for a while, I have to say I was on a low at times from not being able to exercise let alone teach, but after yesterday and today I have been going to the gym slowly rehab my feet to get back into my daily routine no surprise I am on cloud nine and believe me I was not training as much as I wanted due to my injury, but the hour and half I worked out for, must say it did peek my mode immensely.

Let me go in a bit deeper and more bluntly manner, when you are having a giving up day and yes letting YOU down and choosing the easiest way to get out of exercising, adding promoting this feeling weeks on, you just simply being weak, negative and it’s only you that is being punch continuously & mentally torturing YOU.
There are men, women and children that have disabilities still making the most of what they got, take Nicole Evans an incredible women with cerebral palsy diagnosed from birth, this amazing women took four days to complete the marathon this year, but boy did she do what she set out to do, yes she did.
with only the support of her walking frame. Good for you girl, you are inspirational, you truly are.
So when your having a wobbly with yourself think again, do you want sympathy cause were I am sitting you only have yourself to blame, sympathy should only be given if is’t truly needed, on this occasion choosing to be weak is not deserved.
Then theres the fact, did Nicole Evans say to herself I can’t do the marathon because I have cerebral palsy? no she didn’t, instead she hired a personal trainer to help her get in shape and prepared for it visualised her goal and achieved it.

Preparing yourself:

Firstly invest in a notebook, if you do choose to not exercise and feel pity on yourself record your mental state, what made you feel like that and stop you going to that class or gym maybe that jog?
I bet you pigged out eating all the wrong foods at the time, or over consumed with the alcohol?
Be really honest with yourself after all it’s for your knowledge no one else’s to see.
Do this for a week.
Then when you do decide to exercise, see the difference within your out look in life, decision making will be made with thought and not irrational, try it and see?

If you can’t be bothered to keep a note book, invest in a big A3 paper size and write a list of what you wanted to achieve in your fitness plan and place it in a place were you will see it waking up and going to sleep to remind you and no one else that if you don’t  exercise you have yourself to blame.

On another note make yourself feel inspired, with placing pics of inspiring people like Nicole Evans who is determined to go against her disabilities to reach her goal, yes she completed a marathon with the support of a walking frame.
You have your legs blessed with arms, they are crying to you as well as your ticker (heart) and lungs saying  please make me function better so as I can be at my best and strongest to fight diseases and feel anti stiffness and a better mood.
If you have no disabilities shame on you for giving up before you tried, really is no excuse.

Feeling sluggish, tiered and fatide sitting in, you control your mind, the game of a mental barrier is simply to just do it confront that barrier that is stopping you from looking and feeling good.
Don’t look at exercise as chore it should be looked at, as your time for body and mind to connect balance really is a quality everyone should master, the good news we all have it in us to feel this way but the sad thing is a lot of the time we seem to u-turn before the task is at hand, that’s weak, I suggest fixing up for the sake of your body and mind pretty much for YOU.
On the last note, I have a confession to make, I had to have a break half way through writing this blog, to take, yes you guessed it medication feet are throbbing if your wondering?
Better late than ever by 58min into wednesday when initially intended to write this blog yesterday, maybe next week I will be on time?

Next blog 7the June 2012


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