Make a contract to yourself

It has been a long time since I posted a blog, lucky me is working from home today and have some time, so here goes!

Those that know me know I am a fitness professional,  I also Life Coach.

Recently one of my clients was having trouble sticking to things that where beneficial to him.

So, I suggested he write a contract to himself which he did, though was puzzled to why it was necessary.

I highlighted all that was needed from him in order to begin his path, but he was to focus on promoting procrastination.

He had great ideas but never placed them into fruition, and was too consumed into thinking the worse before he tried. This also included himself taking baby steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Instead, he would constantly eat fried foods, sugary stuff and would constantly moan that he had placed weight on.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his eating habits where horrendous, he lacked the physically side too. 

Several months ago he came to me again for coaching.

I dug up his file and highlighted our previous sessions we had.

Pointing out to him that he constantly procrastinated, though deep down he actually wanted to change things around.

I felt that he was ready:

The fact he came back was obvious he needed guidance, knowing this was going to be a challenge I gave 100%.

My first test with him was to challenge him for a month not to eat no fried foods, sugary stuff and get a bit more physical.

The challenge was accepted, and I am pleased to say he actually held his part of the bargain.

Within a month he began feeling more positive within himself and the procrastination he had was failing.

The next step

He book 10x session with me for Personal training and 1x session a week for life Coaching.

Personal Training sessions he had booked:

I could see the determination he had towards himself continuing the journey, so a tick there.

I was happy with that side of things, though through the life Coaching side he needed tweeking.

Moral of the story

My client was under the illusion that someone will take control of his life and fix it.

He was missing the point that only he could fix his issues and no one else.

Next step

I sat him down and had a heart to heart with him and told him how it was.

Years back myself, I had 10 years on and off health issues, resulting to 3x operations and several stays in hospitals.

I was in such a dark place back then, I knew exactly the feeling of walking the shadow of darkness.

Expressing to him, I too was waiting for someone to come along and fix it for me.


I was my rescue all along, I just didn’t realise this at the time.

When I realsied!

I knew the only person I was letting down was myself, thats when I wrote a contract to myself.

In my contract I outlined everything I wouldn’t do, including relying on someone to save the day.

  • I placed goals that I knew if I placed the effort with I would achieve.
  • I made sure that every hard day was a lesson and I would listen to correct
  • I chose to be more positive and surround myself with positive people
  • I would grow my bussiness and educate myself more to keep on top of the game
  • Embark on a healthy lifetyle educate others on the way
  • Know my worth and understand if it wasn’t meant to be to let go, knowing something else better was coming my way
  • Most importanly I would never allow myself to fail me, let me down ever again

The result!

Coming into just over 8 years I continue to keep my bargain and commit to the contract I had written to myself.

My client also wrote a contract to himself and now ensures he keeps to his side of the bargain.

Bonus, his now started his own Social media company that is really going well!

Is writing a contract to yourself a waste of time?

Absolutely not, self consiously we all deep down want to self work on ourself.

Unfortuanantly, life has a way of grinding an individual down,  including mentally.

But, by writting a contract to yourself highlighting all of the stuff ‘YOU’ want to better ‘YOU’ with.

You have a constant reminder when ‘YOU’ are having bad days and a duty to yourself to deal with things better.

Not everyone is perfect, but you can perfect on your negatives, ensuring ‘YOU’ stay on the right path.

Whether its emabarking on a healthy lifestyle, starting a bussiness to becoming more emotionally stable to tackle fears.

You are capable of this, and just remember no one but ‘YOU’ can ensure this.

Now the decision is yours which path will you choose?


HelenaPhil-Fitness 🙂




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