It’s not a New Years resolution, its a New Mindset that is needed!

January is here and everyone’s back on the New Years resolution bollocks!

‘This is the year I will get fitter, it’s all about me’,
Heard it all before!

It actually becomes repetitive and quite frankly boring to hear, the same shyte.

The point that is massively missed, is that of an individual’s thinking process.

That’s right your ‘mindset’.

If you think that waiting for the ‘New Year’ to come and all will change; sorry to upset you but this not answer.

Simply, ‘You’ are deluding yourself and without knowing it lying to yourself.

With my job, January is the bussiest month, classes are swamped, as well as the gym floor.

Come February, majority quiet before they even begin, with a few continuing the journey.

This all comes down to not having the right mindset to carry on with the journey.

What you should be doing:

Rather than going on and on how shyte ‘New Years Resolutions’ are. I am going to go straight in with some points to consider.

  • Set some time aside for yourself and discover you and your goals
  • Look at your lifestyle and pin point what you don’t like and what you want to change.
  • How bad do you want to begin and stay in the long run with a healthier lifestyle?
  • Are you able to set days and times where you will not have excuses not to exercise regular?
  • Can you limit yourself to one cheat meal-example a take-away to one desert per week?
  • How important do you value your health and no longer want to let ‘You’ down?
  • Are you prepared to eat more healthy and cut out rubbish?
  • Lastly ask yourself what really is holding ‘You’ back to changing your lifestyle for a healthier & happier one?

The above point I have just raised, only ‘You’ and no one else can change this.

Baby steps are better than nothing:

Key is to be consistent, no one but ‘You’ can change this and make the outcome what ‘You’ want it to be!

Bare this in mind, because the only person ‘You’ are letting down is yourself!

Now the question is this; will you still be letting yourself down come 2021?

Change your mindset begins with changing ‘You’!……….




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