Be the Endorphin warrior & kick S.A.D where it hurts


If your anything like me and despise the winter season, then this is a defiantly read for you.

I can’t stress how much I despise winter, what is there really to like?

The limited daylight, the freezing weather all equal into a low energy you.


But can you stop this?

The answer is yes!

You’re asking why?

Trust me when I say this, I have had 2 S.A.D lamps, both where thrown to the wall.

You’re asking why?

Mmmm, you won’t believe this, but the lamps looked like emoji taking the piss out of me!

What are the symptoms of S.A.D?

Symptoms of SAD

Symptoms of SAD can include:

  • Persistent low mood 
  • Loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities 
  • Irritability 
  • Feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness 
  • Feeling lethargic (lacking in energy) and sleepy during the day 
  • Sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning 
  • Craving Carbohydrates, sugar and gaining weight 

For some people, these symptoms can be severe and have a significant impact on their day-to-day activities.

If the above applies to you, visit your GP ASAP!

What causes S.A.D?

The main theory is, lack of sunlight contributes to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus working properly, which may affect the:

  • production of melatonin – melatonin is a hormone that makes you feel sleepy; in people with SAD, the body may produce it in higher than normal levels 
  • production of serotonin – serotonin is a hormone that affects your mood, appetite and sleep; a lack of sunlight may lead to lower serotonin levels, which is linked to feelings of depression 
  • body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) – your body uses sunlight to time various important functions, such as when you wake up, so lower light levels during the winter may disrupt your body clock and lead to symptoms of SAD

What can you do?

Some would suggest, buying a S.A.D lamp, some would argue to visit a therapist if feeling low.

From my experience and suffering really bad to the point I don’t want to speak, see anyone.

I have implemented the following and have found them more of use to kick S.A.D.

  • Exercise more regularly, even when you don’t feel like it just do it.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to give natural sugars & vitamins and minerals the body requires.
  • Avoid energy drinks, instead up your water load.
  • Set times you go to sleep and ensure you are getting at least 7-8 hours.
  • Meditate, this is better done in the morning 5-10 minutes and the same before you go to sleep.
  • Pay attention to your breathing throughout the day- (your too blessed to be stressed).
  • Focus on happy thoughts, this helps assist your energy levels to higher frequency, in return a better feel good in you.
  • Leave notes in your home with inspiring affirmations/ to goals you want to achieve.
  • Keep your distance from people who can get under your skin, trust me on this one it’s not worth it.
  • If you have a boxing bag, or your gym has one it’s a defiant yes punch the daylight out of it.
  • Ensure you take vitamin D supplements as lack of sunlight can reduce the amount stored in your liver, equaling to feeling low on energy.

Acknowledge this:

Spring is coming, then it won’t be long till summer is here; be patient the sun will make an appearnce.

In the meantime, don’t allow S.A.D to stopping you from gaining gains.

After all summer body are made in the winter!

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