Crazy times but, a good time to self work on you

Coning into 7 months now with the dreaded Covid pandemic that has change everyones life worldwide.

The new norm for most is walking around the supermarket with masks on, well some anyway!

Just as we all thought we would be returning back to reality, with the opening of pubs and restaurants, no longer being takeaways and you was able to to sit and dine out.

Restrictions were placed, with pubs & restaurants with a 10pm cut off and 6 people allowed to dine out or, have round in your household.

No one wants this, with Christmas & New Years lurking around the corner it’s certainly going to be a game changer for most, if continued?

During the lockdown that was placed, more and more people had no choice but to work from home, some fur lowed, some losing their jobs and some home schooling their children.

Life certainly change, and a lot of people had to adjust and are still adjusting to the new way of life.

It’s inevitable that a second spike is around the corner, with some countys going back into lockdown. I hear you saying tell me something new!

What Google advised you to do?

When you google what to do in lockdown, this is what comes up:

1-pick a paint brush up and start painting

2-clear your wardrobe and get your house in order

3-do some DIY in your home

4-learn a new language

5-read a book

6-visit your favourite museums and galleries (virtually)

7-create a perfect home library

8-bring your favourite city to you (virtually)

9-listen to a podcast

10-start your own podcast

The above are just 10 things Google finds for you, but what is missing?

Whilst a lot of people were struggling with the new way of life, mental health shot through the roof. People felt alone, isolated and not getting the support they required.

Cancer patients, people waiting for operations where put on hold, this is enough to place pressure on an individual and fall into the clutches of depression and feeling their health needs were not important, resulting in feeling even shittier than they actually was .

Not long ago, people where bulk buying food, toilet paper became gold. I actually still can’t get over the toilet paper situation as there is no scientific proof that you get the shits from Covid!

Pause and take a step back:

During this period I couldn’t help but realise just how much it highlighted humans selfish behaviour (not all).

I realised that some people will be selfish regardless of what you say to them, you could go blue in the face but it won’t change them.

I too could have lost the plot, but I chose not to and reminded myself I am not that person. I ain’t perfect, but I am certainly not cold.

I reached out to several of my friends through Whats app with a simple message to let them all know if they needed anyone to talk to I was there. Some I got a response from but the sad thing most read the message and didn’t respond.

I wasn’t angry from their actions, just a little disappointed and just decided to except it and let it go.

At the time I too was going through a difficult time myself. After 3 years running up and down from the hospital and nursing my sick father, who I knew I wouldn’t have in my life for much longer, I started realising what was important and what wasn’t.

For the first time in my life I never felt so low and alone and felt I had no one to talk to, but at the same time I knew there would be a lesson for to me master through this emotional time.

Thats when I paused and took a step back to re-evaluate things in my life and my surroundings and began to breathe with no added pressure.

Tuning in to you:

I have always been pretty intuitive and positive. Sure we all have tough days where we can feel a little down and shitty than usual.

Regardless of people behaving selfish or not, I learned that I was placing high expectations and was setting myself for bate only, to be disappointed.

But, I also realised that the only person I couldn’t disappoint was myself, that’s when I saw the perfect opportunity to tune into myself.

I have always meditated, but I decided to take it to the next level. I would normally meditate for periods of 10min, with most being 20min.

I don’t know what took over me one day; crossed leg in my meditation pose, I just switch off without even realising it, I ended up meditating for over an hour.

I might not have realised at the time I invested in meditating for so long, but let me tell you this, my legs where so numb for a good 40min or so from being crossed legged, that I clearly remembered and endured a discomfort from lol!

That day, I remembered waking up and feeling this sensation within me, it was a voice I have never listen to before.

I want give you the fairies and unicorn speech, but it certainly wasn’t my ego, that I knew 100%.

Instead, it was the voice of my soul, the true me that wasn’t been controlled or separated just like the ego does.

This voice was begging me to take time out and get in tune with myself and my surroundings, I knew it would be wise to listen, more so it felt good and I did so.

Whilst doing so, I was highlighted of the negativity that was buried deep inside of me.

Through out the years I pushed it so deep down that I didn’t realise I needed to deal with certain situations.

I simply expected, rather than realising there were lessons staring me right in my face for me to grow as a person.

I was continually allowing and setting myself up to be upset when things didn’t go my way, more so I also knew people had to come out of my life for good.

The a-ha moment:

I realised this:

I had attachments:

I am no talking about possessions, I am merely referring to attachments of what I was allowing in my life in the form of people, their behaviour and conditioning through my childhood, right into my adult life.

Who was I to question peoples selfish behaviour, or off Keynes, when the answer was right in-front of me being, ‘Detach’ thyself.

When you detach from people, situations that get you down, thats when you truly grow as a person. It’s all good realising what is important to ones self, but detachment can actually go two ways.

1-You can either get closer to a person or situation equaling a positive outcome.


2- Walking away and having no bad feelings and understanding you have outgrown certain people, equals a healthier mindset to grow as an individual.

Doing you:

Some would call this an act of selfishness the reality is it’s not, more so an act to grow stronger within you, inspiring others to do the same.

When the phrase ‘Doing you’ comes to mind, its like labelling you into a self righteous individual, the reality is this; when your focussing on growing yourself, you gain knowledge, direction and are in a better position when needed to either, guide or share the growth journey you as an individual have gained

Discovering your weakness:

To put it straight to you, weaknesses can become strengths, especially when you face them head on. Not only does this break down fear barriers, but you as an individual feel more free and happier to continue living your life.

Finding your purpose in life:

Everyone has a path which ultimately leads to you fulfilling your purposes. This can come in a form of discovering you have talents that you have not properly addressed, ultimately if pursued can bring you a life of abundance of all levels ranging from, money love happiness.

When you tap into you, purpose to your inner self is radiated in many levels, this can be in a form of reaching, inspiring others, drawing in positiveness within you and people.

But the most important of all ‘purpose’ is realising your self worth and valuing your self and your needs; when you get to this level, not only is sky the limit, you get a better purpose of what you should be doing in life, and you become a magnet for positiveness, leading to opportunities.

Keeping away from toxic people & situations:

Being in toxic surrounding or people, not only is it damaging your mental health, it stops you from gaining happiness.

When you’re around toxic people, not only is it draining on you but the more time you invest in being around people like this, you simply become them.

Toxic surrounding can be anything from loafing your job, living with toxic people can also have the same result as the above mention.

Remember: only ‘You’ can change this, after all you don’t want your life to end in regrets what you should or shouldn’t of done, the choice is yours!

Always do the things you love doing:

I love going to the gym, being around people who value me, I like writing and in general my job. The point here is only ‘You’ know what you like doing and no one else. Life is too short, grab it by the horns and you to can love doing things you love too.

The moral of this blog, is to inspire you and preach some positivity in theses hard times we are all facing.

Don’t ever think you are alone, there’s an inner voice within us all, the point is to acknowledge it, nurture it and not to fight it.

Its soul purpose is to awaken you, so you can realise you are capable of reaching your goals.

Theres so much negative news circulating at the moment, I say switch off from the news if you feel its having a negative impact on you, instead, pause when needed and breath and look around you.

You never know that idea you had could be a service that is highly in demand, miracles can happen and you are one of them!

One more thing:

Remember this; only you, and no one else can take charge of your life, sometimes we can all have hard times and stuff thrown at us. But when you battle a situation there is always a learning process involved. Once you realise this you become more stronger and determined to continue the path you was meant to be on.

Don’t let ‘You’ down, love nurture and keep yourself healthy, it really is that simple!

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