Why you should apply the Art of not giving a F**ck and focus on turning up for yourself

Just reading the tittle of this blog can be misleading in all forms, some might not like the tittle because it has a swear word, honestly, I really don’t give two fucks. But if you continue to read on, I know you are smart enough to know what I am writing really makes sense, so please give me a break?

I am not asking you to not give a fuck about your loved ones, your children, your business, your home, or your partner because that’s not the moral of this blog.

I am talking about that inner voice inside of you that can’t stop beating at you, pulling you to your lowest because it is aware you give a fuck and can be manipulated to not realise your true worth, unfortunately this comes from caring about how others see you, but not you.

With the added exception of an intake of draining negative people, who like nothing more than to bombard you with their repeated bullshit they aren’t willing to change, yet try and imposed their views that you aren’t feeling or their faults they are not willing to work on.

If you disagree and challenge you simply get blocked in their social circle or social media; Only if you apply the (I don’t give a fuck) and actually see the reality they have done you a favour:

  1. No more listening to their repeated bullshit they ain’t willing to change
  2. No more irritating social media, posts of their pathetic drama to see
Now you can open the gate to attract more positive and genuine people into your life, that you can learn from be inspired, in return do the same for them:

Whatever your beliefs, values or views trust me they will always be under the spotlight with someone that doesn’t share your’s , so there is only one option un-fuck yourself by not giving a fuck and show up for yourself simples!

If the above sounds like you, I suggest you read on because this is your wakeup call and I will give you something to think about.

Now I have cleared up what the tittle of this blog is about, let me begin my valid point:

Mastering not giving a fuck merely means, you are confident in your own decision making and really don’t give a fuck about someone’s opinion. Just bare in mind not all will have the values and views you have, and that’s clearly alright. But you also have an obligation to yourself to keep it real, adding you have views too, if they are misunderstood that’s the other person problem not yours!

If you’re the kind of person who has to justify your actions and always treads on thin ice so as not to upset no one with your thoughts and actions, let me ask you a question if the foot was on the other foot, do you think that person will think the same as you?

Likely answer to that is NO!

On the other hand, if you were to ask for someone’s opinion it just means you haven’t made your mind up yet and want another person’s opinion, adding it could be about a field you have little knowledge on or an experience they have had leading you to make up your mind what you should do. That’s excepted, and this just means you’re gathering a professional or experienced opinion in an unknown territory to what you are used to before you make your mind on a chosen matter.

It doesn’t help that we live in a society where there’s more sheep following, supposed to one trusting their thought process, and having an obligation to grow their true identity and respecting it. No, that would be seen as a major crime ‘NOT’.

If you don’t agree with me and have a view you’re out of my social media gang, really!

During UK lockdown, I would quickly come onto my Facebook to either post on my fitness page a video, or wish a close friend or family member a happy birthday, as you do a quick browse of your time line takes place. Let me tell you this, never in my life did I witness so many people debating about the stupidest of subjects to the point they would fall out and block someone, all in the sake that they didn’t believe in their way of thinking or challenge their views. It sounds like something you would hear in a children’s playground; the reality is this I am referring to grown-ups.

Whichever way you view it, it comes down to one thing ‘Don’t give a Fuck’, and heres a list of why’s:

  1. Your views will be challenge, know and have confidence in your beliefs and outlooks
  2. You are entitled to have your views and beliefs, no one has the right to challenge that but you
  3. It brings inner confidence that you are standing up for what you believe in
  4. Sheep will be sheep, why not be a leader?
  5. Others validations don’t pay your bills
  6. Free your mind and listen to you
  7. If adults want to be children, just give them a lollipop then fuck them off
  8. Sure there will be debates amongst other, but keep them to that level, tomorrow is a new day
  9. You only live once, so why not live under your rules instead of thinking how others see you
  10. Not giving a fuck you can inspire others who are on the same path as you to do the same, so un-fuck them and start your tribe

I could go on and on but, I believe you got the gif, so now I am going to move on to the importance of focussing on ‘Showing up for you” is.

When you begin showing up for ‘Yourself’

When you have acknowledge or adapted to the art of not giving a fuck as I have explained, it leads to you valuing your needs and recognising your wants. This becomes an opening gate of your mindset allowing you to tune into your needs and wants and recognising them.

You begin to see what you truly need in your life, what makes you truly happy, you get a clearer direction of where you want to be in life as well as your true purpose and who you are or what yo want to achieve in life. When this thought process is applied, guaranteed you are going to take action, and with it comes a duty of a must ‘you have to show up for your self’ to reach that destination.

Whilst you are doing this, the beauty of it is you grow as a person to a level of ultimate sense and means when making choices; this then lead’s to yourself honouring you’re emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs as they arise. This develops to a deep understanding of the importance of why taking care of yourself is a must!

Now, you have began the process of showing up for yourself by taking care and loving you!

Once you begin understanding why you should be showing up for you, with the first step of taking care of yourself, after all who will? more so no one can love you more than ‘You’, so just remember that and please don’t forget for your sake.

Below are just some important factors that involved in showing up for yourself and why it is important:

  1. Being in tune with your needs and not relying on other’s validation
  2. Working out more regular and eating healthy to work towards your health & creating that dream body you have desired
  3. Working on your goals
  4. Learning the importance of how important consistency is
  5. Growing as a person
  6. Being aware of weakness and know you can strive into turning them into your strengths
  7. Knowing what makes you happy and what doesn’t serve its purpose in your life
  8. Managing your time and not having it wasted
  9. Knowing you are fully committed to yourself and your true needs
  10. You stop caring what people think and focus on your goals

The above are just 10 reasons of the importance of why you should be showing up for yourself, I really could list more, but again I trust that if you have got to this section of my blog with what I have just written you more than get it, if not please feel free to message me?

Now the question is this:

Will you apply the art of not giving a fuck and focus on showing up for yourself to strive for excellence, happiness that you have a duty to yourself?


Will you continue being the pleaser because you don’t value your life, but care what others think?

The decision is your!!

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