Why you should be keeping on top of your game with your health coming into winter

As the autumn approaches

For us Brits and many European countries, this year’s summer been awesome.

Basking over 2 months of pure sunshine has been beautiful, for some unbearable and some liking it.

But I can’t help but notice this.

Teaching various classes I have noticed when its summer the classes are more fuller, supposed to when it gets colder.

It’s funny how so many people assume that working out constantly throughout the summer will get them gains.

The reality is this

You might shed a few pounds within a month, but what about the rest of the year?

I get it your body is on the show, but even if it wasn’t, year out don’t you want to nurture it?

I know I would want to and that’s all year round!

Summer bodies are made in the winter

You have probably heard the term, summer bodies are made in the winter?

Believe me, when I say this, they actually are!

For me, I make sure that when the winter is coming in I up my game in training for these reasons:




  • Fight off SAD-(seasonally affected disorder)
  • Release more endorphins (the good feel chemical from the brain)
  • Make better decisions, supposed to negatives ones
  • Keeps you focused on your goals
  • Promotes healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle
  • Able to cope better with stress arising
  • You become a better person if you have a family your better to them
  • Keep off winter weight, as the colder it is you consume more food
  • You tend to burn more calories
  • When the summer comes you can feel confident with your body
  • Boost your immune system
  • Fight off winter bugs
  • Reduce bones from getting stiff

So let me serve it straight to you by saying this; leading a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a summer chor.

Maintain your body like you would a car, for example;

If you don’t service your car regularly, it won’t run as it should, your body is the same!


#TheCommonSenseCoach 🙂






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