Stop judging and see the bigger picture

The cosmopolitan magazine does the opposite

Recently Cosmopolitan magazine exchange its front cover of slim looking Celebs for the bigger figure.

Tess Holiday an American model proudly embrace the front cover beaming her proudness at her size 26 figure.

But not everyone could see the bigger picture, and it wasn’t long before the trolling started.

Celebrities like Pierce Morgan branded it as promoting obesity, along with others.

His exact words were; ‘dangerous and misguided’.

Check the article out by following the link below:

Whilst some saw it as embracing the inner confidence, acceptance of size and proud of the skin you live in.

Myself, I see a different picture here and I blame the glossies and Government for this misunderstanding.

The bigger picture

Firstly these well-known glossies for decades have been promoting the stick thin supermodel look.

Then it changed its outlook, branding the stick thin look as unhealthy.

Following more cases of supermodels having eating disorders and drug addictions.

France even supported the idea by banning stick-thin supermodels embracing its catwalks.

Make up your mind Glossie magazines

The glossies then highlighted the big butt look, following celebs like Jlo & Kim Kardashian.

This opens the doors for women wanting the look going as far as having surgery to get big butt.

Let’s not forget the pouting lip look with women having their lips injected.

Basically looking like a goldfish been given a huge cock to suck on that’s stretch their lips multiple times.

Someone send them to Specsavers for God sake!

My point

Regardless of what size, how you look, magazines from time ago till today should be showcasing all shapes and sizes.

It should be showing that women from different categories are still human and need to be shown some respect.

Tess Holiday, who stated if she saw bigger women on the front of a magazine growing up, it would have given her confidence.

What she meant by this is from her size, like myself I was once obsessed, was made to feel disgusted at our bodies.

Its a personal preference but I like being slim and looking athletic, not because society tells me to, but because I want to.

But not all women are mentally strong to accept their appearance.

Clearly, Tess Holiday feels confident in her size and so she should.

She might be a big girl but she is also a pretty one and yes big girls can look pretty and be beautiful.

Personally, for me, it would not have taken away the feelings I had of my body and how I viewed it.

But on the other hand, I wouldn’t have felt disgusted with myself and would have felt more confident.

Glossies have a major influence especially on women and how they are meant to be seen as.

But I question these editors and journalist and can’t help but think what do they look like?

It’s easy to place pics of others with perfect bodies, but are they perfect themselves?

I could be nasty and state what they might look like, but I was bought up better than that.

2018 and we have still not evolve

No one has any rights to judge someone appearance especially if you don’t know the personal circumstances.

This could come down to having medical conditions like an underactive thyroid, depression.

Obesity is growing in today’s society, so is the junk food and scientifically enhance food made in labs.

It’s all good to criticize the growing rate of obesity, but the point is the Government are doing nothing.

Fucking educate the public and stop publishing pathetic 6 weeks bikini diets all for the sake of accumulating money.

To the Government ban all process shyte foods, not tax sugar and assign Weightwatchers to cure obesity.

A fucking company that owns Heinz products with their pathetic calorie counting out-dated method.

Heinz, you suck and have not riddled the problem and Government nice one for wasting money

Glossy magazines, embrace all women of shapes and sizes.

This lady is embracing her confidence and why shouldn’t bigger girls get some coverage.

If Tess Holiday loves her self and how she looks good for her, she is a human


To all those bitching, get a fucking life and watch yourself not judge others your opinions are shit!











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