As a parent you should be setting an example to your children, right?

Being a parent:

When you are a parent, it’s right to want the best for your child. Wheather it is the best clothes, life.

Full stop, it’s natural to want a better life for your child than you had, which is totally natural.

Providing food on the table is a priority to keeping your child alive and to grow.

Some parents struggle with everyday life, some are single and some are financially better to give their children a better life.

Wheather you are a single parent or not, your children will always be your priority!

But have you thought it of it like this?

  • You are your child idols, their example; ask yourself this what kind of examples do you do you set your children?
  • Do you show them the stresses of life, that’s it’s alright to allow life to put you down?
  • Are you the kind of parent that likes to send positive vibes to your children?
  • Teach them the importance of eating healthy & exercising regularly?
  • Are you active with your children or do you slouch on the couch more often?
  • Is your phone more important than giving your child attention?

With the above just mention, only you can answer these questions!

Here are 5 things you can do to inspire your children for that healthy lifestyle and nurture their mind:


  1. Smoking: Don’t smoke, children are likely to follow in your footsteps. I remember growing up my father smoked at the table when eating. I then mirrored this by smoking in my teens. Most parents who smoke do not want to see their children fall into the tobacco habit. Research has shown that adolescents whose parents smoke are likely to start smoking themselves. While this may in part reflect a genetic influence, it is also likely the result of children imitating the smoking behavior of their parents
  2. Body Image: With so many social media platforms showcasing celebrity’s latest new body transformation, children tend to idolize these pictures not realizing the majority are photoshop. Especially if you are the kinda of a parent whom follows celebrity diets and highlight your flaws for having that perfect body in front of your children. The likely chances are your children will follow your views. Why not highlight the importance of healthy eating & exercising regularly is important to maintaining a healthy body and mind, instead of making your children feel their body should be a certain way.
  3. Family Dinners:  Dietary habits adopted during childhood often last into adulthood. Parents can play an extremely important role in increasing their children’s consumption of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. One relatively easy way to encourage your the consumption of healthier foods is to let your children see you eating those foods. Think about this next time when you are tempted to cook your child a processed meal because you didn’t have the time to prepare your child’s meal. Cooking skills are a good way to teach your children about preparing meals and allowing them to see what they are consuming eating wise.
  4. Be Present: Put your phone down and stray away from from the television and social media. Not only will you be teaching your child to do better things, like reading to educate themselves, socializing with other human’s (supposed to a computer screen), you mirror the importance and are being an example. Relentless focus on the digital world is harming your kids. In return, you are facing a disconnect with them emotionally, and research shows that your own parenting style can become more impatient and aggressive when playing with your phones. Teach your child that there is more to life than electronics by putting your own smartphone away and more often.
  5. Get outside more with your children: With a wider range of activities in local areas for children to participate in activities, if not why not participate with your children. Go for long walks, bike rides, swimming visit a local park, with many now offering outdoor gyms. If the weather isn’t great don’t stop there with an excuse, you can purchase light free-weights and exercise with your children at home.

Be your child’s example:

The best thing’s in life are truly free, being an example to your children is one of them.

Just remember your children mirror your actions, you as parents are the first source at teaching them, love.

Teaching your child to be a better version of themselves at a young age is one of the best gifts you can teach them.


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