Why you shouldn’t be following celebrity diet secrets

How many times have you bought a glossy magazine and read a celebrity diet secret?


Without giving it thought your eyes wonder to the flawless picture of a celebrity.

Embracing the whole page with their perfect toned body, staring you right in your face.

Now, pulled in to this mental vision and thinking, wow I want their body!

After acknowledging their picture, you scroll down the page and the caption reads;

So and so celebrity new body, thanks to the blah blah diet they do. Automatically you want to do the same.

Everyone’s guilty!

I know I have been in the past, to be honest, it didn’t work for me, in fact, the opposite I placed more weight on.

The quick-fix revolution

Everyones wants a slice of the pie, even more so to achieving that perfect tone body, just not prepared to work for it.

Some fitness experts argue that as little as 10min high-intensity workout will gain you lasting results.

This really isn’t the case, especially if after 10min your scoffing your face with crappy foods.

Then there’s the other scenario, you could have restricted insulin levels-(as explained in my last blog).

In case you missed my recent blog here is the link:

Yes, women can have high levels of Testosterone

You might be a different body type, say an Endomorph who accumulates fats quickly supposed to muscle mass.

Celebrities be celebrities

Firstly a celebrity isn’t in the position to be giving diet advice, they are just an endorsement of crappy products.

Big organizations that pay them to advertise, dangerous products that you pay a price for.

That price is you losing weight quickly, right down to gaining it back more so.

Then there’s the other factor to consider, is their pictured airbrushed?

What works for a celebrity won’t work for you!

The list is endless with the amount of celebrity diet secrets that glossies print, that I would be here all day explaining.

You are just a target for sales of their magazines, simple.

What you should be doing:

Take a look at your lifestyle, hours you work commitments and ask yourself this:

  • Do I actually help myself in terms of eating healthy foods?
  • Am I lazy, doing as little to be active more?
  • Am I always wishing for that perfect tone body, rather than doing?
  • Do I always think of a quick solution, rather than aiming for long-lasting results?
  • Excuses, not wanting to change my lifestyle?

If you answered yes to the majority of questions above, here’s what to do:

  • Look at your eating habits, as 80% to losing weight comes from what you eat.
  • Eat more vegetables, fish, chicken, and fruits-note better to consume early in the day when you are likely to be more active, as they contain natural sugars.
  • Take out all processed foods, crisps and chocolate out of your cupboards.
  • Limit your alcohol, fizzy drink concentrated juices and opt for drinking more water & herbal teas.
  • Try to be more active.
  • Look at activities that interest you, maybe check your local area for nearby fitness classes.
  • Don’t look at the glossies and wanting to look at celebrity diets.

My advice is to take one step at a time:

Too much information can sometimes throw a person off their tracks.

Taking baby-steps is better than nothing, just learn to grow whilst pursuing your healthy journey.

You might even surprise yourself on your journey, but you won’t know until you have tried!





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