And they wonder why the obesity and diabetes rates are growing:

Let’s go back in time:

Back in the day with a little variety of different classes to sample, not so much celebrity endorsed diets as now.

There once lived a network of WeightWatchers and Slimmers World and classes were pretty much standard.

The variety of classes offered and were a huge success were; aerobics, circuits and tone, LBT-legs, bums & tums.

Variety or stupidity?

Long gone the days when leotards and lycra were the coming things. Replaced with clever marketing and new concepts of fitness classes.

An endless variety of classes now available with different names but still, the same concept just marketed to stand out, not only the class but the brand.

Good example: Les Mills, with its endless editions of body pump classes, its version of spin being called RPM.

Let’s not forget the Zumba craze, also a hit promising to tone and sculpt the body really?

A lot of people think that taking these classes will ultimately give them the results that they will tone, and sculpt.

But it gets worse, wait for it; I came across 2 fitness crazes recently which literally made me spit my latte on the floor.

Are you ready for this?

David Lloyds fitness clubs have developed a new class called ‘Napecise’. You simply sleep for 45min.

Health experts have explained that sleeping in these classes, the best bit is you burn calories, really?

Experts also state the importance of sleeping, which I will not argue with them there. But why not eat well exercise regular and have the recommended 8hrs required.

Surely coming to this 45min class won’t alternately demolish fatigue. Fatigue comes in all forms, sometimes sleeping too much can promote this.

High levels of cortisol and depression can trigger fatigue levels in the body, right down to the foods you choose to eat.

Then there’s the other factor, would you like to sleep in the same bed that someone might have broken loose with wind?

Have a read by following this link:

If that wasn’t bad enough, another craze that has hit and the BBC giving it coverage, Yoga with beer.

I thought Yoga was about balancing both the body & mind not getting pissed!

This for me throws away the objective that Yoga practice stands for, bluntly it is an insult and coming from someone who is qualified to teach it and practices it.

Have a read by following this link:

Straight to the point:

Brands can keep marketing the latest fitness trends, yet still, no mention of nutrition is given.

Take a look at the Australian food pyramid, compared to the United Kingdom

The Australian food pyramid, states to eat more of the following:

  • vegetables and legumes
  • fruits
  • grains

The United Kingdom food pyramid states to eat more:

  • Bread
  • Cereal
  • Grains
  • Pasta

There are plenty of breakfast cereal brands out there, most of them are definitely something we shouldn’t be having for breakfast.

Labeled as “high in fiber” or “slimmer waist” and so on.

Most of them are high in sugar, full of processed carbohydrates, artificial additives and barely have any nutritious whole grains.

You would be surprised how some products are exactly the opposite of what they are sold as.

Take a look at Kellogs range of cereals, that are packed with sugar and some more than others.

It is mixed emotions on Kellogs products, with some write up stating, in particular, its (All brand & Weetabix) are healthy for you.

Maybe the two mentioned would be the better choices but still, doesn’t justify the fact that it is not rich in fiber and has additives.

I would go for a bowl of Porridge oats than a bowl of any Kellogs products any day, just to be on the safe side.

Real Talk:

Yet still, the rate of diabetes and obesity is climbing, forget about a minute, but by the second. Yet are we surprised by these alarming figures?

UK alone top the first place from Germany back in 2011 being the fattest European country. If that wasn’t bad enough the rate of diabetes has risen to.

I am not surprised with the rise in diabetes in the UK if the food pyramid states to eat more pasta, above fruit & veg.

For a novice looking at a food pyramid that favors eating more pasta over fruit & veg, of course, the rate of diabetes is going to rise.

Pasta especially white pasta can raise insulin levels faster than brown pasta, if not accompanied by vegetables, which actually slows down the process of insulin levels.

Ranting will get us nowhere, to be precise people like myself are not fooled by these concepts.

But I would say this to you, trying latest crazes won’t work, after all, 80% good nutrition is required and favored more so than killing yourself in the gym or doing endless classes.

Also great that people have more variety in terms of classes compared to before, just don’t opt for Yoga with beer or napping class.

Instead find what you enjoy and keep going, and of course, make sure your diet includes:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Opt for fish or chicken over red meat
  • Drink plenty of water


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