Whats the best pre-workout to take?

Frequently asked question:

Last week a friend of mine posted a post asking people what their best pre-workout was.

It got me thinking about writing a blog on the subject, as I have been seeing so many posts on social media, to articles on the subject.

Everybody has a different opinion regarding pre-workout. From advice on the best products to consume before/after a workout.

What works for getting the best performance from your workout, and keeps you going throughout the day.

These days anyone that goes to the gym has become an expert on giving advice on pre-workout.

The Reality is, these individuals who thrive on how great particular products are, are mainly targeted by supplements companies to advertise their products, in return, they receive a discount on the products they are advertising

What’s mainly in pre workouts?

The main ingredients are: Creatine, Caffeine, and guarana, but the real question is do they work, more so are they safe?

I found a report from Jordon Moon:

an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist at the United States Sports Academy, Concordia University Chicago.

And chief science officer at the fitness tracking website Fittrace.com, who says:

‘It turns out that these supplements may just change the way you feel while you’re working out.

Many of the ingredients in pre-workout supplements are intended to give athletes the perception that their workout is supercharged.

You’ve got ingredients that are going to increase blood flow, increase heart rate, increase focus, increase blood flow to the skin and give you a little tingle.

But those physical effects don’t make people bigger, stronger or faster.

And although some of these supplements’ ingredients — such as caffeine, creatine, and beta-alanine —

have been shown to modestly enhance performance in extreme athletes and bodybuilders, they only give people an edge if they are pushing themselves to the limit.

And some supplements on the market may contain illegal and dangerous additives, such as amphetamine-like stimulants.

Even supplements that contain only legal ingredients can include high levels of caffeine, which can have a negative effect on the heart’.

Effects of too much caffeine:

Too much caffeine is no good for the heart, it’s alright to drink 1-2 small cups a day. Surprisingly pre-workout contain a lot of caffeine, more so than 1-2 cups a day.

Personally when I am feeling that wake me up, Costa coffee has my vote and one of two choices for a pre-workout.

Depending on my work schedule, if I don’t find time to pop into a Costa, I prep my own pre-workout.

Natural pre-workout solutions:

My other choice of pre-workout, and one that is nutritious and picks me up before/after a workout is:

Spinach-mix smoothie, ingredients:

  • Place crushed ice and a bit of water into a blender, handful of spinach and blend
  • Add apple and banana chopped up and 1 squeezed orange
  • I use 2 scoops of Good Hemp for protein and muscle repair                                                       

Kale-mix smoothie, ingredients:

  • Handful of Kale, crushed ice and a little water into blender and blend
  • Add strawberries, blueberries, and apple
  • Can use 2 scoops of Good hemp my recommended choice.


Without going all rocket science on you, pre-workout supplements are a waste of your money, fact.

The real gainers here are the supplement companies who make a killing selling crap at your expense.

Just like painkillers, that are designed to send signals to the brain telling it to ease the pain.

Pre-workout are the same, fuelling you mentally into believing the product you have just taken has done this, not!

To put it bluntly; if you eat well include good nutrition in your diet.

Exercise regularly and sleep an average of 8 hours a night will result in you not needing a pre-workout full-stop.

We underestimate the importance of sleep and ensuring we are getting enough of it:

Sleep is needed for the body to:

  • Function better mentally and physically.
  • Builds the immune system to fight off infections.
  • Reduces fatigue and low levels of energy.
  • Lowers stress levels making you mentally aware of your actions.
  • Repair muscle after workouts.
  • Concentration is better.
  • Improves memory
  • Live longer


In some cases people who suffer from depression and find it hard to sleep gain weight in the long run.

Not having regular eating patterns especially when less active can pile on that extra weight.

It’s not that just extra weight that is accumulated, you age faster not just outside but your inside too, bringing on unwanted diseases.

My father is a great example to use, throughout his youth and married life, he loved the night life.

This would mean staying out to the early hours with only 2 hours sleep until he had to open his shop for work.

This, of course, caught up with him, bringing on heart disease, eventually needing a bi-pass, that was just for starters.

Life is short, make it a healthier one, and one you and your children can cherish!


#TheCommonSenseCoach 😉


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