Everybody wants a big butt!

It’s like this:

Barbie even sporting a rounder butt, supposed to 20 years, from looking like a straight envelope, now has curves.

Butt revolution is spreading and on its way has opened the door for squats.With its followers squatting for the world.

Instagram endless pictures enticed all sorts of butt pictures, accompanied by a hashtag #glutesday.

Some have gone as far as injecting their bum cheeks to look bigger, set off by a celebrity trend.

Sometimes the injections work, but when they don’t they can end up looking hideously nasty.

Mix messages

Taking it back to 1940:

Typical women size was a 14-16, had curves, larger butt, and hips, considered healthy and the look to have.


Replaced with the awful stick thin -supermodels look, and the growing figure of anorexia was common in young girls.

U-turn: 2017: biggest alarming figures of obesity and type 2 diabetes, let’s not forget heart disease.

Different times, different body images; but you would think by 2017 with more knowledge gained, obesity and diabetes wouldn’t be a huge issue?

No brainer here, with relentless processed foods on the market, to quick fix slim shakes, you clearly can see where this is going.

They are all doing it:

Freelancing in various gyms, I see a lot of women concentrating only on the butt, ignoring other areas to train.

I am guessing now it is long gone with the days of cardio, and ‘The legs, bums and tums’ classes then?

Exactly what has happened, in one respect it’s great that women are not avoiding weight training, only doing cardio.

Worrying factor, just working the butt and no other areas of the body is plain stupid and asking to be injured as well as becoming lobbed sided.

The media are so slow:

Media is another manipulator in terms of dictating what the in thing is for how your body should be looking.

Right down to the exercises to get that look: yes the perky big butt, and pathetic butt routines that never have nutritional advice.

When they do give nutrition advice on getting that perky butt, it’s often based on using a particular product that sponsors that particular publication.

Recently I read an article that the Daily Mail wrote, regarding women now have found alternative exercises to work their butts.

Follow this link to read it: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4582248/Women-using-unique-perfect-bubble-butts.html

Wow! Dail Mail you really are slow with stuff. It’s no lie that squatting isn’t the only exercise to do for the butt.

Squats has built its reputation mainly from the novices, turned fitness experts and following the trend.

But when you look back a few years ago, squats wasn’t the in exercise to get that butt perky.

However ‘legs, bums, and Tums’ was the ultimate workout for that peachy look, placing second place, with the glossies beach body 2 weeks workout.

All the exercises shown in Daily Mail, are so outdated, I knew of these over 10 years ago and I am not alone.

I can accept that times change, new knowledge has resurfaced, but my point is what might work for one won’t work the other.

Firstly, a 2 weeks bikini diet, ain’t gonna work for a woman who is obese, it’s impossible. Unless there’s a fat sucking device I am unaware of?

It applies the same if you are constantly squatting for the world, won’t guarantee you that perky butt, either.

What they should be highlighting more of:

When you look at how much money the government has spent in trying to reduce the rates of, heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Failed projects like the WeightWatchers scheme, funded by the government to reduce this illness is a great example.

But in terms of eating healthy is where the real gains start. So go ahead knock yourself out squat for the world.

You can do all the adductors and abductors exercises there is to do, but if you are not eating properly, there won’t be any gains.

What should be happening:

Having a big butt isn’t easy to achieve for everyone, and body types play a big role. Example: you could be an ectomorph, who finds it hard to place weight.

Good nutrition followed by regular exercise, however, can achieve muscle mass and give that tiny butt a bit of size.

Just don’t expect a J-lo!

It applies also to Endomorph body types- the one that finds it hard to lose weight, again regular exercise and good nutrition can result in muscle mass turned from fat. Once upon a time, saggy looking butt is more shape and lift.

Bearing in mind these body types can place a lot of fat around the thigh and butt area, so having a big butt comes naturally for them.

Rather than writing articles on exercising for particular areas of the body, media should be highlighting the importance of training the whole body to your heart.

The government should be banning any processed foods full-stop. Right down to banning distributors like: Herbalife, Juice-Plus, WeightWatchers.

More education should be given, the importance of investing in your health as a lifetime, not 90 days challenges.

Talking about the 90-day challenge, on a series note what the fuck is that about? Another example of mixed messages brought to you by our fabulous glossies.

Neither are distributors of weight loss products guaranteeing you quick weight, the obvious winner here financially are them with your health at risk.

Fix up:

The well-known publications that people look to for the holy grail in knowledge to get that perfect looking body.

Do everyone a favor and sack your supposed fitness experts, they are clearly on LSD and hold a delusional certificate.

Message to the health government, stop wasting money on pathetic programs that have clearly shown for over 10 years, they don’t work.

Pigs will fly in the sky, as the above mentioned will never happen, after all, health and fitness worldwide have become a 2 trillion money making machine.

It would be stupid to clue the public upon what really needs to be applied. Bluntly the novices are a target, through market research, they have established this, right down to the accumulating numbers.

Me to you:

Thankfully for you guys, there is fitness professional like myself who are not afraid to write about the truth.

I risk myself not getting the spotlight in respect to glossies magazine and having my name credited.

Placing my reputation to bullshit? I don’t think so, besides this would make me a hypocrite to what I stand for.

Thankfully there are platforms like social media to get my message across. It could only be 1-5 people who would take my advice, to me that’s just the start.

I do it because I like to keep it real. Having expressed my battles of being overweight, this is a subject close to my heart.

I would not like anybody to go through what I did, resenting the skin I lived in, luckily I woke up.

My mission now is to wake up the public after the experience I went through, so thank you social media.

Back to the butt talk:

My advice to you all wanting that bigger butt. Make sure you are eating well, not everyone will get that big butt look.

Under any circumstances, don’t inject crap to make it look bigger, to having an op. Simply isn’t worth it.

Be blessed with what you have been given with, and work with that. Being unhappy with just one part of your body becomes an inevitable, leading to you resenting the rest of you.

Nurture your body, because believe me when I say this no one will. What I mean by this, is you are in control what goes through your mouth. This also applies to exercise.

Healthy lifestyle changes are about the long run, not 90 days. So educate yourself, preferably not through glossy magazines.

If you have time pop into your local library and research, or if you ain’t got time go online and search for educational material on the subject.

As long as you feel confident in how your butt looks in clothes, everyone else can do one.

In my opinion having a large butt compared to the rest of your body, to me looks like a chicken on steroids, it’s a no, no.

As I understand that everybody is different and likes different portrayals of how their body should be looking.

Just a though:

Life is too short to be following trends, therefore follow your own.  You will realise this isn’t for you, but the importance is your health and able to continue enjoying life.

Make sure that isn’t too late!

Don’t just aim for that butt, go for the full monty and make the best investment, ‘You’. Even your butt will thank you for it.

Lastly- focus on what makes you happy, trust me having a butt won’t solve your problems. Being positive however is another level.


#TheCommonsenseCoach 🙂









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