Got no time. Really!

What they are stating:

When you look at glossy magazines, in general, any form of publications, right down to TV, it’s all bout that quick fix buzz.

I am not talking just quick fix diets here either. I am talking about quick workouts, professionals have devised.

Directed at busy mothers, fathers on the go, right down to someone holding a stressful job, works long hours.

When you look back in time, messages on the subject health & fitness is about encouraging people to get out more and be active as well as lead a healthy life.

2017, there’s a big change, all to cater the needs of busy people, who are non-stop on the go.

They really have researched this one, right down to designing a 15-minute blast routine for you.

Don’t get me wrong 15-minute of exercise is better than anything, I guess but is it really?

Think about it; if you just did 3x 15 minutes exercise a week adding to 45min a week is that enough?

If your only active 45 minutes a week and the rest of the time you spend sitting down, is it enough?

You’re unlikely to get that ripped body unless you’re one of the lucky people that rip easily?

This day and age

I acknowledge that we live in a fast paste society, everything has become expensive and people work their butts off.

Everyone wants that better life, so much that they risk their health by working long hours.

Working ridiculous hours to make ends meet, we have all been there, but I still don’t see this as an excuse.

I would ask myself this, does it really make you happy?

Worse case, your health goes down on you, now do you still enjoy luxuries?

A few years back, I was working 10-16 hours shifts. Yes, you heard right but still manage to fit in some exercise.

My sessions were not based on 15 minutes, I aimed for at least 40min to an hour, if that was at the gym or home workout.

I made sure I had time when you think of it, you have 24 hours in the day on average 8-hours spent working.

That leaves you with 16-hours, now take away another 8-hours for sleep leaves you with 8-hours.

Surely you can make some time with 8-hours? There are plenty of 24 hours gym to join you know?

Don’t use your kids as an excuse:

Often people would use other excuses like being a parent. Just think, an hour spent with your child could be active.

Starting children young in recognizing the importance of physical activity will be one of the best values you could teach them.

Your child could benefit from educating oneself and acknowledging the importance of maintaining their body.

From eating non-processed foods, in exchange for healthier options like fruit and vegetables, white meats.

It doesn’t stop there, as physical exercise can not only make them physically better but also mentally more sharp, adding less prone to depression.

It also prepares them from when they grow older to continue this, regardless of busy schedules.

Have a think about that, next time you use your children as an excuse.

Maybe you are not a parent, might have a partner or not, surely within that 8-hours you can squeeze a workout?

Ask yourself this, do you watch a lot of  TV or soaps? If you got time to do that then you got time to work that butt!

Just record the damn soaps you like and watch it on a relaxing day, it’s so simple, yet common sense.

Mind Conditioning:

Flipping it over from where I spoke about finding the time and making a valuable point for to you consider?

So much business has accumulated from nutrition companies, offering you all the nutrients and vitamin if you ain’t got time.

Endless glossies with 15-minute power boost exercise to try at home, work or in a park. Self-consciously you guys are believing you have no time for you.

Stop right there! If you don’t make time for you, do you expect others will?

I can give the answer straight up and blunt if you like?

Firstly we are a growing society of evolving narcissist, with it comes assume celebrity status, as well as the world, revolves around them.

My Point:

If you don’t take your health seriously by making time, this could lead to numerous health related diseases in years to come.

It’s not just about keeping active, but if you are not active and consume a lot of processed foods, your simply a ticking bomb waiting for health related diseases.

Another factor, a short workout, don’t give you enough time to warm the body, making you prone to injuries.

Health is so important, with the growing lifestyle of others on social media to celebrities just remember it’s not your life.

Don’t be sucked up with published crap, educate yourself on health even if it’s basic it’s a start.

Don’t be dictated of when you have time and when not, make the time suited to you.

You can have that body you wanted, but 15-minute blast exercise won’t cut it. Having persistence, however, will.

Persistence comes from knowing what can be achieved in the long run, understanding time takes perfection.

You are living in your skin,  your duty to feel comfortable in it, without allowing life demands bog you down.

Sounds a bit airy fairy ha?

Truth is it’s not, and if applied will lead you on a road of loving you and knowing your needs.

We all need that me time, just make sure you are getting your dose, as no one else will give you that.

Don’t allow no one to dictate when and where you can exercise, take control because your health is by far the best investment you will make.


#TheCommonSenseCoach 😉


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