Should we detox?

Fast life we live in

Everyone wants to better their lives, and with it comes working ridiculous hours to achieve this.

People are so much on the go, they tend to forget to attend to their needs such as looking after their health.

Companies that supply quick fix solutions such as; meal replacements to detox products are aware of this.

The truth is:

Products that are artificially enhanced and not 100% pure, accumulates toxins levels in the body.

Bluntly you are wasting your money, that could be spent better on actual healthy foods.

What you should be doing:


  • Drink 1-2 liters of water a day flushes toxins and waste from the body transports nutrients where needed.
  • The contents of your colon can dry out and get stuck, causing constipation.
  • Water is a natural lubricant that softens stool promoting evacuation of the bowels.

Our kidney system is unique in its filtering capabilities, totally dependent upon water in order to work.

  • kidneys remove waste products from the blood
  • Eliminating toxic substances from the urine, and receive water-soluble toxins from the liver for processing.
  • They filter voluminous amounts blood.
  • Each, in doing so maintain body’s water balance, excretes toxins and excess fluid through the bladder.
  • Daily fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function efficiently.

Body Brushing why you should be doing it:

  • Fewer infections and colds.
  • Stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and help the body detoxify itself naturally.
  • Improves circulation in the body.
  • Gives you an energy boost.
  • Exfoliates the skin and makes it look more radiant.

The above mentioned should be your holy grail in combating toxin build up and done daily.

For women, it also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

How long should you be detoxing for?

I usually recommend 1 day of detox and that includes raw foods, without any added sauces like mayonnaise and ketchup to dips.

To help you get an idea, try my one-day detox program which I have used with my clients.

Breakfast- a bowl of fruits of your choice, sprinkled with chia seeds.

Refuel-1-2 hours later-

Spinach smoothie- place a little water and couple of ice cubes in the blender, adding a handful of spinach.

Blend it, add 1 banana 2 squeezed oranges and blend again.

You can add 2 scoops of protein powder, I recommend Hemp, as its plant base and natural.

1- hour later refuel-have a handful of raw nuts

1-2 hours refuel again- salad

Ingredients- chopped lettuce, a sprinkle of coriander, tomatoes, cucumber, red/yellow peppers, avocado, grated carrots, raw Broccoli and green beans

You can also add- sunflower seeds or pine nuts, don’t use any dressing and make this portion big.

1-2 hours later refuel again.

Kale smoothie-place a little water and couple of ice cubes in the blender, add a handful of kale and blend.

You can add strawberries, apple, blueberries or raspberries and blend.

Throughout the day try consuming 2 liters of water and drinking herbal teas is fine.

  • Mint Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Ginger and Lemon Tea
  • Green Tea


Next time you want to detox your body of toxins, save your money and go for a natural alternative.

Eat more healthy foods and drink more water daily will just as much combat toxin levels in the body, as detoxing.


#TheCommonSenseCoach 😉



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