F$$k it and do it for you!


With January over, heading for the second month of the year, February.

January for most is about sorting their finances after an expensive Christmas, more so for those that have children.

For others, it’s an excuse to kick-start that healthy lifestyle, the famous ‘New Years Resolution’.

With February famously known for Valentine’s day, the month of love, why not make it the month to start loving you and your body.

There really isn’t an appropriate time to get your lifestyle fit and healthy.

The truth is this when you choose to do so and keep it consistent, that’s where the beauty lays.

But for some, it’s not a straightforward process, not realising it’s all in the mind.

Just think about it for one second

You have the thought there in place to kick-start your healthy lifestyle, but you seem to avoid it.

Not all, but seriously how many times have you heard the famous phrase after downing a few cakes,

‘the diet will start on Monday’, it’s like now the saying has been said for several years without realising.

In the process, the years have passed by and so has the accumulated weight gain.

What you’re really doing is

You are basically lying to yourself, and if this has been you’re saying now for several years, bluntly you have conditioned yourself.

That’s right, you have conditioned yourself to delusional thoughts of deceiving your decisions.

I have spoken about the subject of the egoic mind in other blogs I have posted before.

As years have gone by your egoic mind has taken residency in your mind and deluded your choices.

Face the fear, it really ain’t that scary

When you constantly delude your decisions making, it bluntly becomes a habit in the process you lose yourself.

When you lose yourself this not only becomes a conflict within yourself, but it reflects on your lifestyle.

This then becomes a reoccurring process and you are unable to take action, and you only know to fear.

Fear is a form of not enjoying your life, this affects many aspects of your lifestyle, right down to;

making decisions, relationships, lifestyle changes, right down to keeping fit and eating healthy.

It’s easy said than done, but to sum it up on how to combat fear, in a nutshell, just face the fear and do it.

You are probably thinking after reading this it’s easy for you to state, but bluntly I am talking through my own experience.

A word of advice coming from my own experiences:

When I decided to lose weight after reaching 15 stones, having health problems in the process, to be precise 10 years on and off.

I never felt sorry for myself, I just understood that I was not fuelling right.

But I knew I had to make a decision to change my lifestyle without thinking negative thoughts. but simply facing the fear and just doing it.

This involved in me simply by facing the fear and just doing it.

Through my journey, this leads me to inspire others and lead them to the path I took.

This is why I make it my mission to educate the public on the subject and telling it like it is.

No, I am not a celebrity who has a PR agency that’s promoted them to a so-called fitness guru, with no qualifications on the subject.

I am either a bullshitter of the 6 weeks bikini diets that the glossies are famously known to publish.

Adding advise by so-called fitness experts!

But what I am is an example, that matter how much weight you gain you can take it off.

With common sense realistic small baby steps, it can be achieved and you can still indulge in a cake or 2.

Key is moderation and consistency, as well as making time for yourself to exercise regularly.

And I also highlight the importance of balancing both the body and mind.


The moral of this blog is this, Fuck it and just do it, because if you don’t make that lifestyle change.

Plain and simple, as times passes you will grow to despise yourself, your appearance and I would not wish it on anybodyto have added health issues.

Take action, fuck it and just do it! 🙂






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