Why questioning yourself can help you achieve a better healthier lifestyle

In with the old out with the new

It’s a no-brainer that we have come into the New Year 2018, with most seeking that healthier lifestyle.

The famous New Year resolution becomes the holy grail of starting that healthy lifestyle regime.

After a month if your lucky 2 months, it becomes a distant thought and your right back to where you started.

Does this sound too familiar to you?

Just why does this happen?

Instead of following bullshit traditional New Years Resolutions, why not listen to yourself?

When the body collides with the mind it becomes as one.

You realise your actions, take note of your present position, that’s when you begin to question your actions.

When you question yourself, this can work in your favor in many ways.

  • You look at your lifestyle
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Realise what serves its purpose and what doesn’t
  • Get to know yourself and your needs

The above are just some of the outcomes when questioning your actions.

Back to questioning yourself for that better healthier lifestyle

When you question your actions, it doesn’t only apply to your lifestyle, this also comes down to your habits.

Habits such as eating, if you exercise or not? becomes noticeable and you are more inclined to act.

I will give you a classic example:

If you’re a person who complains constantly that you are placing weight on and not feeling happy with-in ‘you’.

It’s no brainer here, you more likely to continue feeling this way and not do anything about it.

The most you will accomplish is going on a fad diet, losing a bit of weight only to replace it back.

Sounds familiar?

I have spoken about fad diet and it effects many times throughout my blogs and the not so long lasting results.

My best advice, don’t do it you will only regret it in the long run.


Questing your actions place’s actions to do something about the issue and yes even change your lifestyle.

When I was 15 stones I was a victim of self-pity, only when I question my actions that’s when I started to act.

What I am trying to say is this

I will be blunt with you unless you don’t take account of your actions you will simply be repeating.

You become stagnated to the point you mentally don’t believe results can happen.

Worse you programme yourself to think achievements can’t be met, yes including that healthy lifestyle.


My best advice to you is this:

  • Question you when you fall off the wagon when eating crap and ask why you did it before you complain
  • Do you place excuses for yourself to be active
  • Question your mental state, what exactly is stopping you from achieving your goal?
  • Go with your flow, it’s the only way you will move forward
  • Get to know you and set goals

Not only will you get to know your habit’s, the best part is you realise where you are going wrong.

For now, wishing you all a healthy happy New Year 🙂






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