It’s the season to be jolly so make it jolly

Nearly the end of this year

We all know it’s fast approaching the new year, Christmas is coming up to some it’s a pig out feast.

After all the New Year is fast approaching, so it’s an excuse to get that New Years Resolution in place right?

Realistically, for most this isn’t the case!

After a month that healthy lifestyle is thrown faster out the window before you blink your eyelid.

I will be quick and brief on this blog, by stating don’t wait until the New Years to kick-start.

It’s important to realise that your health is a valid gift and you shouldn’t wait for that calling.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people fail before they start, simply down to their mindset becoming mindless.

Just think of it like this

  • All that boozing and eating crap will contribute to you getting ill, weakening your immune system
  • Turns your positive thinking towards your goals cloudy.
  • Can contribute to lack of enthusiasm

What you should be doing

  • Instead, still enjoy yourself, but do it in moderation.
  • Whenever you are tempted to overindulge remind yourself of your goals.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, limit your sugar intake treat it like a treat rather than scoffing the whole of the quality street box.
  • Write down your goals in a notepad and remind yourself of your journey.
  • If you can’t get to the gym, why not take a long walk, fresh air does wonders.
  • Enjoy yourself, but keep your mindset positive, meditation and deep breathing are a good way to promote it.

It really is that simple, you just got to believe it

If you don’t I consider you having some alone time, take a notepad out and write the reasons why.

Be honest with yourself, to the point have a conversation with yourself and no you ain’t crazy.

Think of what is really holding you back and the answer will come to you.

Till now, I gonna keep this one short, but behold there will be more blogs coming in the new year.

For now, have a Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year!


#TheCommonSenseCoach 🙂



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