Mental health a subject that get’s ignored: part 3

Re-cap on the last blog

Hello again, with a long pause due to the flu, you really wanted to hear that, but tough I am stating it lol!

I explained the difference between mindfulness and having a state of mindless.

Giving you a clearer view of pharmaceutical companies and their roles of gaining money at the expense of your mental health.

I also gave you a break down on what causes depression.

I ended the last blog stating I will be writing another one regarding the benefits of meditating.

In this blog as well explaining the benefits of meditating, I will give you a break down of the mind.

So here it is…..

Have you ever heard of the egoic mind?

Let me tell you a little about it!

The egoic mind projects another you, the thinker of the thoughts.

This is the ego, that you think you are: the you that has a name and looks a certain way.

It can be in a form of a sister, brother father, only you can fill in the blanks, with what you establish yourself as.

You strongly believe the awareness of the person you think you are, so you think.

Unfortunately, we don’t see it because we are programmed to think of ourselves the way we do.

This can come in the form of judgment towards others, taking away the projection off of you.

Your ego can make you think that you are better than others, build false impressions about you.

This leads to yourself not being able to truly identify yourself and the true you.

Becoming un-touched with what you truly are and the real feeling’s you have.

It can fool you into thinking that you are always right, making you miss valuable lessons you could have been taught.

The fast pace of today’s life doesn’t help

Living in the twentieth century, as time evolves the pace is getting faster, more expectations are placed on individuals.

Examples are:

By a certain age, you should have become this and that, your a nobody if you have not achieved anything in life.

Excluded from social norms because you haven’t had a child or not yet married.

Classed a nutter because you have unique ways of doing things, can lead to believing you are actually nuts.

If it wasn’t bad enough, people place labels on you because you have not reached certain achievements in life.

You then start believing this and as a result, you lose yourself, often leading to fantasy mode.

Bitterness manifest inside of you, with it, comes envy and a demand what you should have accomplished in life.

Creating scenarios of a false conception of what you should be.


As a result, our illusion is our awareness of the world based on what we have been taught it should be like and we uphold that view with our words and actions.

We are programmed to believe an illusion

Once we realize this, the bell can’t be un-rung, and we can’t go back to believing a lie.

We might still do some of the same things we did, but life is never the same.

This is when fantasy mode is switch off and you start living the present life.

We all wished we had this and that, but the reality is if your thinking this way you haven’t.

Only then you begin to realise that your life has been lived from living the past and fast forward to the future.

The gap in-between the present does not get recognized from this process, and that’s what matters.

When you acknowledge this, that’s when you are truly aware and conscious.

Importance of meditation

When you meditate it does not completely take away your thoughts, but it can assist in your feelings.

When you gain true conscious of your feelings, this starts the process of you getting to know your true identity.

Most of the time when people start meditating they find it hard to relax, this results in inbuilt tension.

That built tension has stemmed in from years of feeding your ego, and now by meditating you are starting to get a better view and in touch with your true feelings.

You might not like what you see, but the main aspect here is this, you are acknowledging your ego side.

Most importantly, you are gaining conscious of the present time and not jumping from past to future.

This confuses the egoic side of the mind and at the same time, your ego becomes helpless in feeding with delusional thoughts.

What they tell us and what is the truth

Science would like us to believe that character is a product of genetics and environment.

But a simple exploration of great figures, as we call them, tells us that personality emerges regardless of genetic make-up or environmental conditions.

For example:

Einstein’s parentage was of no notable significance and yet he emerged as one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

Siddhartha was born to royalty but would forsake it all to live in poverty, so as to discover the divine nature of all mankind.

This resulted and was to begin a movement in which he was its first Buddha.

When you look at the examples mentioned above this clearly indicates utter rubbish to what we are told and a form of conditioning.

What is expected by society becomes fuel for the egoic mind, sucking it out of you as well as believing this is the norm.

I remember reading an article stating that the child inherited their mother’s intelligence.

Clearly, I laughed at this article being I am not my mother, nor do I possess her conditioned views.

I have features of her’s but that is where the line ends………..

Back to meditation and its benefits

That moment you give yourself a break can be a miracle in its self.

Meditating places you in tune with your mind, more done it becomes the egoic worse nightmare.

Here is a list of the benefits that meditations has:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increase ability to focus for longer periods of time
  • Stress reduction
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Increase in happiness levels
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Ability to gain more clarity on important tasks
  • Lower rates of anger and ability to better control mood
  • Improved sleep and ability to get to sleep easier
  • Better cognitive skills, creative thinking, decision making
  • Improved health and immune system including; lower blood pressure, blood circulation, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Just one more thing before I end this blog.

Be thankful for living the present, it truly is the stepping stone to that brighter future.

If there is a situation you have no control, take your time out and give yourself a break.

When you stress, you are simply feeding the egoic mind, this leads to depression and something you are not!

Make your own time and do you, no one is accountable to do this but you!


#TheCommonSenseCoach 🙂



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