Mental health a subject that gets ignored: Part 2

A brief introduction to my last blog:

I spoke very openly about my experiences of having depression.

Emphasizing more of the positive aspects and how being in a dark place change me, making me the person I am today.

I also stated at the end of my blog I will be going more deeper into the subject.


When depression begins, it usually stem’s from a situation this can be from:

  • Break up in a relationship
  • Childhood issues not being addressed
  • Abuse physically & mentally
  • Losing possessions like money/house/business
  • Missing a loved one that has passed away
  • Abuse of drink and drugs
  • Cheated on in a relationship
  • Money worries
  • Avoiding and addressing issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of fears
  • Insecurities
  • Illness that’s prevented you from living your life

Everybody is different as I mentioned in my last blog on how they deal with problems:

Some will address issues before they become big ones, whilst others choose to allow the problem to consume them.

Have we all heard of mindfulness?

Without going all rocket science with you, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

While calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Another way to describe mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something/situation.

When we lose perspective of our conscious this becomes mindlessness.

What is mindlessness?

This is when we become lost in what we are doing and open the door to distraction by allowing random thoughts to enter the mind.

When we do this we lose perspective of our conscious surroundings and allow ourselves not to be aware of the present time.

Adding we open the door to all the negativity, and the more you manifest this behavior the deeper you go to that dark place.

You become less in control of how you react, think about a situation, right to the point you feel helpless.

Emotions don’t even come into it, as you feel cold towards yourself, loved ones.

How the pharmaceutical companies have made a killing:

It’s a no-brainer that pharmaceutical companies have clocked onto this with GP promoting medication to combat this.

Pictures this, you go to your GP express you are feeling stressed, your crying yourself to sleep, can’t concentrate.

Automatically you are prescribed anti-depressants to solve the problem.

What they don’t tell you:

Whilst taking anti-depressants tablets, all they do is send signals to the brain to tell your brain to feel better.

The more you consume them the more you are addicted.

I know this through my experience when my health was not in a good place several years ago.

Each time I run out of anti-depressants I was irrational, crying and feeling the world on my shoulders.

Though I was physically unable to do stuff, I had forgotten that my mind was my palace.

Instead, I was not nurturing my mind, in the process, I lost control and perspective of what I liked.

I felt like a junkie needing their fix to feel better and nothing but anti-depressants were the key to stopping this.

I knew I had to stop taking them and that this was not a good thing, and that’s exactly what I did.

Whilst coming off of them I felt a cold turkey state of mind, I knew I was doing the right thing.

I understood that the key to escaping this dark place I had placed myself in was up to me to do so.

Through this process, I became in total control of my mindset and with it, my conscious awoke.

Sure there’s stuff you won’t like to see, but ask yourself this would you rather lie to yourself?

Pharmaceutical companies their aim:

Going back to the pharmaceutical companies, they are aware of this, quite frankly they don’t give a shit.

All they care about is making money, that’s right from you feeling like shit and not feeling conscious.

Harsh as it seems this is the truth. They have the government on their side.

You just gotta to look at the cuts in the UK for disabled persons and mental health to see this in the UK.

There is no surprise that the subject gets ignored, as there is a fear people will gain conscious on the matter.

Here is a link with reports of persons who have had cuts to their benefit that have committed suicide-  

What should be done:

As I have explained the difference from mindfulness and mindless, more people should be educated.

I have worked with people who have mental health issues, let me tell you they are far from crazy.

I am talking about people who are highly intelligent and beautiful souls.

These people have lost their ways, but I believe they can find their path if educated more.

Diet & exercise are key factors, when you fuel the body right it functions better fact!

Just like exercising regardless if you are chair-bound this promotes endorphins ( the good chemical released from the brain).

I also find spiritual books a good lesson, right down to watching YouTube videos on the subject.

My recommendations for books to read:

  • Sprit Junki-Gabrielle Berstein
  • May cause miracles-Gabrielle Berstein
  • The universe has your back-Gabrielle Berstein
  • Buddhism for beginners-Gabriel Shaw
  • Stillness speaks-Echart Tolle
  • Practising the power of now-Echart Tolle
  • The power of now-Echart Tolle
  • The art of happiness- HH Dalai Lama

I could go on and on with book titles……….

But try these to start with and drop me a line if you need more recommendations?

I am going to end this blog by reminding you of this:

Your mind is your palace, protect it respect it and it will guide you.

In part 3 I am going to go deeper into the nature of meditation and its benefits.

I will also be writing more how nurturing your body with healthy eating & regularly exercise can help.

For now be blessed and happy and enjoy the present time, its the path to a long happy life!


HelenaPhil-Fitness 🙂




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