Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 10

Hello again,

Yes another long pulse, in writing my blog for the (Forty, Fit & Fabulous). So much has happen since writing my last blog. Firstly been doing a lot of research work for various publications thats taken a lot of my time, then theres, teaching classes and Personal Training your clients, ensuring they are keeping on track of things. And a well deserve break to Vegas to celebrate my up coming birthday which I will be turning 40, also a few of the girls I went with, had turn forty. As you can imagine, I let my hair down and it took its toll when I arrived back. But now I am back on it.

I am now working on an e-book entitled (Forty, Fit &Fabulous). In this e-book, I will be giving away all the secrets in keeping healthy when reaching your forties onwards. It will come with nutrition advise and what exercises to do, with an added psychological approached, that people need to explore, and most defiantly can question oneself, especially when they think they can’t achieve their goals.

I am taking my time with this one, as I want to give the best advise possible. As you all know I completely loaf fad diets, and made the decision to stand up against this bullshit, from my own experiences, bluntly they don’t. This meant turning down various articles asking me to produce 6 weeks bikini diets. Lets face it quick fixes results to quick failure fact.

I am planing to publish  this e-book via Amazon, I will defiantly let you guys know when thats a promise.

I can’t say too much at the moment, but I have been networking with a lady from the states, on products that I have to say are amazing and won’t break your bank account. All I can say for now, I am testing them and I have to say they work as well as being awesome in the individual performance, both physically and mentally. Fingers cross we reach a satisfactory account.

I am just letting you guys know, Helenaphil-fitness headquarters are alive and kicking :-))

Keep happy and keep smiling the sun is out, have a bless day!

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