Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 11

Hahaha haven’t left it for that long narrr!

Another blog for my continuing (Forty, Fit & Fabulous), as mentioned working on the ebook and will announce the release date which can be found on Amazon Kindle.

For now, the weeks been a bit iffy, as we are all only humans, including myself. I have been feeling really run down, not surprising due to this un-predictable weather the UK has been experiencing. After having a good well deserved break and plenty of sleep, even I know to take some time from training, would benefit me. I confess I have been eating crap, but the good news is I have not gained weight. So now nearly over from taking my time out, its time to resume and get back into the game. Saying that I taught spin this morning, and I gave a punishing 45minutes of fasted cardio. I have to say sweating some crap out of me I was able to concentrate more so high five!

I am now working on promoting some tests I have available to the public, one of them being 4 tests thats test food intolrence. each test is called Lorisian 150-which basically means 150 different foods, Lorisian 100- testing 100 foods, Lorisian 75- testing 75 different foods and Lorisian 50- testing for 50 different foods.

To get more information on what foods each test for, go to my website:

I recently sent out newsletter, with a new test available called: Homocysteine. If you haven’t yet signed to my newsletters here is the

Whats is the Homocysteine test:
Homocysteine is a naturally occurring sulphur containing amino acid. It is involved in essential chemical pathways in the body and an increasing number of medical experts are saying that raised levels in the blood may be as, or more important than, raised levels of cholesterol.
Why can high levels be harmful?
Heart Disease/Strokes | Raised blood homocysteine concentrations can predict the development of heart disease
and strokes in older people more precisely than the familiar risks of high cholesterol, blood pressure or smoking.
Alzheimer’s | Homocysteine has also been shown to be a reliable marker for Alzheimer’s risk and has also been implicated in migraine, dementia, declining memory, poor concentration and judgment, as well as lowered mood.
Infertility | High levels of homocysteine are associated with infertility too, affecting both men and women. Women with high homocysteine levels find it harder to conceive and are at risk from repeated early miscarriage. There is also evidence that high levels of homocysteine can reduce assisted reproduction success rates.

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For now peace, love, laughter and keep smiling and stay healthy :-))

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