Forty, Fit & Fabulous: 9

Greetings to all that are reading this blog!

It has been a busy one, with my demanding schedule from the last month or so, still has not got in way of my training. I am feeling much stronger than I was a few months ago, and now I am starting to do my pull-ups again. After I had my accident a good few years back, it restricted my movement, especially on my left side, I also damage a nerve on my left leg. But this didn’t stop me in achieving my goals and to me, this is just the start of my journey. I won’t be competing this year, so to me its not an excuse to sink into the off season mode. Just because I ain’t competing don’t mean I won’t be in shape and continue to preach the phrase, (Healthy living isn’t a fad its a lifetime investment)!

I am writing this blog today, to highlight the dangers of fad diets, again. I have also been given permission from a friend to write this blog to warn others. Basically I am now working closely with my friend, after she embarked on the diet revolution, again backed by celebrities (Raspberry Ketone). Indeed she did lost the weight, for that matter extremely quick. For my friend this was a blessing as she wanted to loose weight, so as not to feel intimidated by another friend she was going on holiday, whom has a natural slim athletic frame. So the revolutionary (Raspberry Ketone) had worked it’s magic, according to her knowledge. Like I preach and will continue to do so, a quick fix only results to quick failure, and that was the straight forwarded story. Not evan 2 months have gone by, and my friend had placed nearly 3 stones of weight back on. As well as placing the weight back on, I had given her a fat pinch test,the amount of fat that had accumulated was unreal. To put it straight, there was hardly no muscle definition and a lot of wobbling going on! Let this be a lesson to anyone embarking on a fad diet, (they simpley are not designed for the long run). A lot of people still to this day rely on a quick fix solution and the UK is becoming the worst for this. With leading diet clubs such as Weight-Watchers, and their old fashion ways of counting calories, its no surprise that, UK is the leading European country for being obese. Just like America, Britain now has more alternatives for shyte merchandise products to get you slim, Weight-Watchers has a variety of products, that are not full of nutrients and natural sourced goods, instead contain un-natural fats. I could go on with the list as there are to many to evan mention. So don’t be surprised if rates like obesity, diabetes and heart condition goes up, by the minute. Fad diets like these excludes the true meaning of getting fit, for example; mentally if someone is taking a product to loose weight, they are relying on its magic rather than doing the right and sensible solution of eating healthy, by cutting out processed foods, un-natural fats and lack of exercise. Then theres others that take shyte products like the above mentioned, to make them feel like that have achieved it through exercise, so they exercise,which is great that your exercising, but not good in terms that theres no muscle mass, especially if exercises consist of only cardio. Then theres the other factor, your not eating right so your body will not fuel properly to give the results you require. Exercising is great, but the reality is the body is made in the kitchen and that bluntly means to eat good clean foods, and not stuff yourself with supplements/powders of un-natural products down your throat.

I am working on nutrition plans that will be available for you to purchase through my website:, this will be available hopefully in a couple of months so bear with me. If someone has not got a clue about nutrition, this is ideal for you and won’t cost you a arm and leg to purchase. I am working on my templates to make them more readable-doable for the individual, so as not to get frustrated in trying to follow it. As they say (watch this space).

In my next blog, I will be hitting the subject (Food Intolerance Test) and what it can do for you, so keep posted.

Till the next time, keep smiling, keep healthy and keep fit!

Helenaphil-fitness x


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