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I have to say, I have been physically and mentally battered for the last 2 weeks. Having women flu, a virus and on top of that a heavy and draining 3 months on and off of the local painters visiting me, left me in fragile state. The plus side, the steroid medication I took several months ago, has completely left my system. I am feeling the effects of my metabolism speeding up. In order to feel this difference, the decision is simple, and common sense weighed all odds to making the decision to take over a week off training, and so I did.

Today marked the return back to my second home (The Gym), were I done fasted cardio for an hour, top with an hour and a half doing (PHD SETS): basically it’s working the top body, then straight to the lower body. By doing this, it trains the body to travel the oxygen from one part of the body to the other, lessening the chances of your muscles feeling fatigue. My performance was much better, taking the weight up slightly and lowering my Reps, I was able to pout through. This mentally made me feel on top of the world, and this was all due to taking time out. Whilst taking the time out, I lost half a stone, which now I will be concentrating on converting more muscle mass.

Talking about muscles, my strength has increased and I was able to do some chin-ups, which for me has been a long time coming, due to an accident I had several years back, weakened my left side, so I was so happy to be of been able to do 2, I did get assistance for the rest, I won’t lie. But just achieving this, has given more ammunition to continue to achieving more pull-ups/chin-ups what ever you prefer to address them by?

I have been writing more for the past several months, and have been doing a lot of reading for research on required articles, even though I took the time out physically, mentally I was training, and in my opinion was the area that needed working on. Through doing this, I started to meditate more, combining Yoga and stretching, is exactly what was needed. Now I feel that my Body & Mind have collided together again.

My point of this blog, for anyone reading it, if your body is telling you to rest, go for it. But just remember that it doesn’t have to be a time when you slip good eating patterns away. After all bodies are really made in the kitchen, so missing meals, or eating to little, in the long run, I am afraid it will come back and kick you in the butt, and bam your back to square one.

Call it me time, when you listen solely to your mind as it communicates with your body, you are able to evaluate not only how long you need to take time out, but emotionally what you are requiring, in everyday life. Have a steam, a pamper day, or even book that massage, why? simple because your worth it! :-))

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